can my day become any worse? =.=

honestly, i felt really2 down when i walked out from the exam hall after pathology paper this afternoon. i have been mentally cursing myself all the way through the 35 MCQ questions. i cursed myself for falling asleep early last night. i cursed myself for taking certain points for granted. i cursed myself for putting such a ridiculously less effort in studying patho compared to epid when i know patho carry out more points since it has more credit hours....and i cursed myself for being too lazy to look back at certain points that i had highlighted before. oh, really, i felt like slapping myself hard with my RM 89++ -rarely used-concise pathology book.

and then i remembered i have to attend an interview today. what sort of interview? seriously, i have no idea. the MCQ questions had really killed my mood already. and then thinking of i have to attend an interview without knowing the reason for that interview and all...well, i just thought to myself : can my day become any worse? =.=

i went to the fac after nearly missed the bus. luckily the driver saw me (thanks to my extremely striking green umbrella) before the bus could leave the gate. at the fac, i went to surau tibe to solat only to find out that there's no water at the wudhu' place. and i thought to myself again : can my day become any worse? =.=

with a growling stomach i passed through the cafeteria and went to surau library. luckily there's water there. and in the middle of my praying, my friend nazir called (i attended the interview with nazir and syafiq my coursemate). after solat, i read his message, only to find out that i was late already. "kitorang da kat tingkat 4 ni, cepat lot!!" again..i thought to myself : can my day become any worse? =.=

with a hurricane in my stomach, i speed to the interview room. (it was conducted at bilik saidatina aishah at level 4 of the H block). lucky me, the interview hasnt started yet. but then, dr rohi was also there. he explained to us what actually the interviewer wanted to know from us. and i startled at the mention of IBMS. seriously, what the heck was that?? and the interviewer is going to ask us about that thing when i practically have no idea, as in AT ALL about it?? dalila, dalila...can your day become any worse? =.=

so, what do you think?? can anything worsen my day? huh?

well, i, myself was also surprised. because the answer is no. no, my day did not became any worse. in fact, it has turn out to be quite a pleasant day for me. i enjoyed meeting with the interviewer. i enjoyed attending the interview today. and i was very grateful that i get to attend this interview. well, not because i think i had done well during the interview (fyi, the interview is done to review the students opinion about the biomedical course, in order to accredited our jabatan) but simply because i enjoyed meeting with and talking to  the interviewer. who is he? well, he is the head of IBMS thing that i had mentioned before. Prof Dr. Hardial S. Chowdery. he's a big person in the world of biomedical sciences. oh, and IBMS actually stands for The Institute of Biomedical Science, centered in UK. you can google it if you want to know about it, since its not my priority to talk about that now.

what's that interest me was what Prof Hardial had to say. i dont know what he did,or what exactly that he had  said, but seriously, he had somehow lightened up my gloomy day a little bit. maybe its just a flatter feeling of having the chance to meet and talk to a well-known person like him, or maybe just because of the new experience i was getting today that had make me somewhat, happy. i dont know, but what i do know, and sure is that, attending the interview today was a right decision for me to do. well, concerning the fact that i had almost had the worst day ever, this meeting, had somewhat, turned my mood 360 degrees. =)
p/s : sorry in advance if because of us, our department wont get to be accredited by the IBMS , lol ,(because ntah hape2 je yang aq ngarot tadi, hahaa)

all in all, honestly, it was really a pleasure meeting with Prof Hardial today.
and i wanted to highlight what he had said at the end of our meeting: " whatever you do now, just remember the reason for your being here (in biomedical sc course) get a good degree, enjoy your life now, and i hope to see you again in the future"

yes Prof, i think i will work harder now so that i could achieve something big, like you and 25000 other biomedical scientists (like you had mentioned) has achieved. till we meet again, hopefully in UK =) InsyaAllah.
thanks again for the pleasant meeting. oh, and for bringing a smile to my face again. (heck, mcq patho bule g maen jaoh2 =D )
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  1. wah, dalila..untungnya anda...hehehe..bleh jumpa Prof Dr. Hardial S. Chowdery.. good3x..

    lupakan patho tdi...go forward and let's do better in our next paper... saya sayang Nor Dalila...(^_^)

  2. iman Says:

    err ko knay ka rab?? hakhak rabot2..

    yaau, err patho tu hape?? hahaa

    sayang kamo juge..weee kemensah kemensah kemensah

  3. hahaha..wat2 la, untung la ko dpt jumpa org kuat biomed dari UK plak tue..mana la taw, 1 ari nnt ko akn jdi mcm dia...hehehe..aamiin, insyaAllah...

    kemensah..kemensah...kemensah!!!! yeah!!!!

    lot, aku nk balik umah!!!! sob3x...T_T

  4. iman Says:

    uuu aminnn.. (jahanam ISO kalau aq yg kije bagi akkreditasi, huahuahauu)

    lek rab, bape ari je lagy, pastu bine badan lar ang 4 bulan dok umah, hakhak!! (aaa mak aq soh blajo masak!! =.=)

  5. hari???...aku bulan la...ada HM...huwaaa~~~~ smpi bila HM nie?...kang aku terpinga2 xde tiket balik least bg la tarikh bila abis HM, nnt leh kira brp ari lg nk balik..hahahahahahha


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