best of luck guys!!

to my girls, =D

here's to the shit we talk,

trying to find a shit to talk to, hehe

the guys we stalk,


the way we shop,

ini baru betol namenyer "window" shopping ,hahaa

the laughs we cant stop,


the gossip we spill,

bukan menjoyah! tapi membibah! hakhak

the looks that could kill,

uuu mate die..bule kuo laser!

to having each other's back ;)


to the next morning getting the facts,

baru dapat hidayah, haha

downing the beers (?) and spilling the tears,

sob2.. (p/s: ni najer, nga kesat taik mate senanye, kahkah)

we'll stay together through the years!! =)

wishes all of you the best of luck in finals, bittaufiq wannajah,and  fighting! ..till the very end of it.
seriously, i love you guys like crazyyy, so lets do our best this time and prove it to the others that even though we are damn corrupted (hahaaha) , ....we are still, indeed, a good warganegara malaysia, hahaahaa XD
till then..

p/s : seriously!!! will not be posting ANYTHING anymore after this! not until the exam was over!! ( err, i'll try...sob2..) fighting dalila! =D
2 Responses
  1. asal plak membibah??...hehehe

    lot, i love this..n i love u so much..i love my all bestfrenz so crazzzyyyyyy....hehehehe....i love u all...i love u all..i love u all...(^_^)...

  2. godluck!!!!!!!!!!! woot! woot!

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