aku dah dewasa!

walopon umo aku baru nak mencecah 21 taon, but i feel like an adult already! (21's not adult yet?? err) why? why? well, its simply because im gonna live on my own after this! thanks to our lovely pengetua who had kindly placed me and lots lots lots of my other friends to plaza rah next semester! yeah, because you see, because there were lots of active students here in ktsn, so nowadays even if your collected merit is more than 100, it wont guaranty that you will be secured a spot here at the K1.

but then, who the heck cares??? ahaahaa, after all, I AM genuinely happy that i will get to live with my favourite buddies under one roof next semester! god, i am excited already!! oh, we're so gonna rawks plaza rah after this!
some of my future housemates had already promised furnitures for our future home sweet home. gosh! there will be tvs (which means more than one oke!!hahaa) fridge (mind you), washing machine, a digital nano technology hi-tech kitchen, lol, and maybe..a kitchen cabinet too??? oh im going ecstatic just thinking how wonderful our life gonna be next semester!! oh and we're thinking about installing ASTRO at our home too..awww.... oh but dont be jealous just yet, because the more exciting part is that---->>>

*drums rolling*

there will be a SWIMMING POOL there too at the apartment! *clap clap clap

mind you freak, my life...oh wait, OUR lives are gonna be sooo damn cool next sem! thanks again pengetua ktsn! i promise u i wont get involved in any college activities again after this, since i dont think i am ever going to leave this wonderful house of ours, lalalalalala~~  ^^,

our future own apartment..heh

a sneak peek at where im going to spend most of my recreational hours after this, hahaha

yeah, this is where we're gonna have our meals everyday..NOT!! XD

p/s: i need someone to take away my lappy from me and lock it at a place where i could never find it. dem it dalila! study la! aaaaaa
4 Responses
  1. Dalila!!!!...u rse cam dh dewasa...i rse cam dh kat oversea!!!...x sabarnye!!!!...like1000000000x.....

    p/s: brp lme je awak thn simpn laptop awak dlm beg??..hehehe

  2. iman Says:

    caya la! kite dewase n duk obersea! huii!

    err err sekangkang kera saat je labiah..haha

  3. mi2omar Says:

    salah tajuk la lot. "saya dah TUA"..hahaha..=p..
    sem depan ari2 aku lepak umah ko..tggu k..haha

  4. iman Says:

    err nak lepak kene masak aa, haha

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