after hour's rant

cari kerja. cari kerja. celik mata ja cari kerja (a bit exaggerating there) but that's how my life rolls these days. before graduating, to be honest, i dont give a f*** about finding myself a job. thought of giving myself a months or two at home, relaxing all day (basically means doing nothing all day) then off to find a job, get a job, get my paycheck, buy a car and get married. oh my model life.

but who the f*** would have known that finding a job would be this f***ing difficult? LOL.

few of a friend encouraged me to pursue with Msc. but how the f*** would i be able to if the pocket aint got no money? heck, i dont even have the money to apply. and what's the deal of charging own Malaysian citizens with application fees in order to apply for Msc at their place? f***ing beurocrats. f***ing politics.

i went for an interview last time. they said if i get the job they will call in 2 weeks. it's been 3 weeks now. no calls. guess i've blown that job off. what a pity. thought i could make some real money from there.

i know this post aint pretty. i've been using a lot of profanity and very unpretty words in my post lately (lately?? i dont recall updating anything recently?). i think ageing did that to me.

good lord. i'm getting older. single. and unemployed. there, my perfect model life.

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