agi idup agi mengarut!

1.Tahukah anda apabila 350ml air yang diambil dari sinki dan kemudiannya dituangkan ke dalam cerek yang mengandungi 150ml air suling dan dibiarkan terdedah kepada nyalaan api bersuhu 100 darjah celcius akan menghasilkan satu cecair yang dinamakan air masak.

2. Percayakah anda yang air sirap merupakan salah satu bahan asas dalam pembinaan sebuah helikopter. Ini kerana kajian telah dibuat, seorang pembina helikopter memerlukan air sirap untuk menghilangkan keletihan semasa membuat helikopter, tanpa air sirap mungkin helikopter tersebut tidak dapat disiapkan.

3. Sebuah kereta yang dipandu selaju 220 km/j tidak akan dapat memotong kereta yang dipandu selaju 40 km/j sekiranya kereta-kereta tersebut dipandu dari arah yang bertentangan

4. Tahukah Anda dalam bahasa Inggeris dan ….Italy…., jurugambar dikenali sebagai paparazzi. Perkataan itu dipercayai diambil dari watak paparazzo dalam filem La Dolce Vita yang diterbitkan oleh Federico Fellini pada tahun 1960. Dalam bahasa melayu pula, ayah kepada seorang budak yang bernama Razzi juga boleh dikenali dengan nama papa Razzi.

5. Tahukah Anda bendera negara Denmark telah dicipta 700 tahun lampau, menjadikan bendera paling lama digunakan di dunia lebih lama daripada penggunaan susu cap bendera.

6. Tahukah Anda magnet ialah sejenis logam yang juga digelar besi berani. Sebagaimana namanya magnet ialah besi yang berani menarik butir-butir besi lain kearahnya. Bagaimanapun orang yang diupah untuk menarik kereta bukanlah magnet.

7. Tahukah Anda burung dapat pulang ke sarangnya walaupun telah keluar kadangkala hingga beribu kilometer
daripada sarangnya tanpa sesat atau silap walaupun tanpa bantuan kompas. Ini kerana setiap sarang burung mempunyai alamatny
a yang tersendiri sebenarnya.

8. Tahukah Anda cicak memutuskan ekornya apabila diganggu. Apabila cicak menyedari yang dia diekori oleh sesuatu, ia akan memutuskan ekornya supaya benda itu tidak mengekorinya lagi atas alasan tanpa ekor sudah tentu ia tidak akan diekori lagi.

9. Tahukah anda bahawa seorang manusia normal tidak boleh menyentuh telinganya sendiri menggunakan siku.

10. Tahukah Anda bunyi perkataan lempeng dan tempeleng adalah hampir sama walaupun ia berbeza dari segi rupa bentuknya. Tapi, walaubagaimanapun orang yang kena tempeleng masih boleh memakan lempeng apabila dia berasa lapar.
11. Tahukah Anda gunung berapi yang berusia tiga ratus tahun disahkan masih aktif untuk meletup. Tapimengikut kajian ahli gunung, api elektrik di rumah kita tidak akan aktif jika tidak membayar bilnya selama tiga bulan.

12. Tahukah Anda orang yang tidak pernah kisah langsung tentang wang ringgit, pangkat, kedudukan dan harta dunia ialah Orang Utan.

13. Tahukah Anda ahli sains seluruh dunia bersepakat jika nasi ayam dimakan sewaktu lapar, perut kita
akan mengalami satu tindakbalas yang berupa kekenyangan. Nasi ayam juga boleh digunakan sebagai ubat untuk menggembirakan hati kita bila nasi ayam yang dimakan itu dibelanja oleh kawan kita.

14. Dan tahukah anda bahawa hampir kesemua pembaca post ini telah mencuba untuk menyentuh telinga menggunakan siku?

we're no criminals...we're just budak surau library =P (part 1)

i've been thinking about doing this post ever since my first post was published, but what can i say, when u r at home, u tend to feel bored, and when u r bored, u tend to feel lazy, and when u r lazy, u tend to do nothing, and when u tend to do nothing, u dun blog.
oh i can keep going on and on and on about this...but i have a post to finished, so..

ok, well well.. urm what about this " we're no criminals..yada yada..?" ( saje je wat title yg gempak, walhal xde mende pon =P)

well, lets juz say that this is a special post, dedicated to some special persons i've come to known while doing my course at my uni. and we usually likes to consider ourselves as " budak surau library" ( i noe i noe, sounds alim kan? haha)

well, its easy to interpret that rite, budak surau library..such an obvious name, hahaha
ppl could juz easily figured out that we're a bunch of retarded teenagers who spends..well, MOST of their times in a day at our faculty's surau library..well, apart from performing our prayers there, we kinda had expand the functions of this surau to a higher level by doing other things there also ( the good ones oke =P plz dun misundertood) such as :

sleeping =P

studying ( see? i told u we're only doing the good things =P)

finishing or editing assignments ( titas or hubungan etnik or psycho usually, and also the ones that required us to do a presentation)

sleeping ( did i mention that already? haks XD)


well, conferencing... or better known as, chit chatting..or making noises,etc ( well, we noe its not good, buat bising kat surau and all...but we juz cant help it, it was our way to express ourselves ( alasan ) ) for myself.. i think this is the place where everything begins... i mean, this is not juz a place for us to lepak and ease ourselves a little after a confusing lectures from pak kas, or deathly tutorial with dr hawa, or a killing 3 hours experience in lab looking at dead specimens or slides..its more than that u noe..i mean, this is the place where all of us actually get to know each other, this is the place where the bondings are made, and like i said before... this is the place where everything started! where we became "we"!

i mean, well, trust me, in here, our coursemates were like the largest groups in our batch, we have like 80++ ppl in our groups, and we're not divided into smaller groups, so yeah, there are 80++ strangers around you and bcuz the lectures are all given at the lecture halls, it is almost impossible for us to actually bond with each other, cuz we only get to gather when there's lectures and tutorials. so u see, thats when this surau library comes in handy.


i dun noe if my other frens also feel the same way, but for me, im glad we found this place, cuz if its not bcuz of it, probably we would remain strangers until lets be grateful okeh =D

ok, enough with these sentimental things, cuz my priority now is to write a lil something here about the members of this surau library clans, first of all, forgive me if im being exaggerated or merepek or talking nonsense about u ( although its my intention to do so) cuz this is only a blog's post, it wont go anywhere ( cuz my blogging network are darn limited =( isk3..) n also bcuz this is my blog, so im in control of it, jadik suka hati aq nak taip pape pown, miahahahahahahhhh!!!

kamilah "Budak Surau Library"

  1. wanot : lets juz say that if its not bcuz of her, probably until now i would still think that there's a brake inside a kayak or canoe ( a joke, which, AS USUAL, only us would understand, isk2..) urm..wanot is the person who had turned my life upside down. ever since she knew where my room is ( back then in college) there's no peaceful life for me anymore. u could call me her partner in crime, but she was always the person who had to take the blame everytime, even if i was the one who committed the crime. why? bcuz ppl tend to blame her, and not me, for every crimes we did! wahaha, probably bcuz i had such an innocent figure compared to her : a bully ( i really hope u will never read this XD) so yeah, thanks for being at my side not. all in all, she's crazy, suka merepek, pembuli ( syu's already allergic to her ), and nampak macho tapi takut ngan pacat, oh n takot ngan ppl in costumes, u noe, like ronald mcdonald, clowns, and A&W's mascott, ( i noe i noe, sounds freakin hillarious rite? but lets juz keep this to ourselves ok, cuz i wanna live longer =P) but a really good fren indeed ( aq ikhlas ni) , well, the only thing that i dislike about her is that... ...... she could be funnier than me! huh!
  2. atero : the 1st time i met her i tot she was very cocky and not so-mesra-alam wit ppl, well sorry about that, but i tend to have bad 1st impression about everyone, hahaha.. anyway, well, AS USUAL..i was wrong, she's nothing like that ( kalo x i wont befriend her now) and her looks and behaviours ( by saying this im referring to her big tudung and her being anti-social and all) imply that she really deserves the name ( the budak SURAU library name) but the reality is, she is as crazy as wanot, as sarcastic as me =) , and sometimes she could be naughtier than the two of us, so that actually makes her one of us. she is genuine at heart, but sometimes she could be so naive that she easily believes whatever wanot and i told her, (and most of the things we told her are not true. =P) so yeah thats atero, oh oh and 1 more thing, when u go shopping with her, its like shopping with ur mum, cuz she likes to buy anything in large amounts, : there was one time when we went shopping for handbags, and she bought 4 handbags at once! each for her and her mum and sisters, so wanot and i at that time we were like trying as hard as possible to kept a distance from her, cuz it was embarassing to walked with her, holding that giant red plastic bag, now come to think about it, sorry we treated u that way atero, we juz cant help it, hahaha
  3. rab : god i think my post is getting long, shud i make this a part 1? urm, anyway, what about rab? rab is like the technician for this group, shes a computer genius, and if there's anything we shud do that needed help from computer's softwares, well she's always the one that we counted on to handle it, another thing is, she likes to cheer crazily for something small, err i dun noe how to say it, so im juz gonna give an example here, example when i managed to do something, such as dived into the water or juz put my head under the water for one minute ( why it must be about water? well this is about our previous trip to sg congkak, maybe i wud talk about this in the next post) she wud cheered crazily for it, like this : wooooooohooooo...!!! while everyone else were totally cool about yeah, oh i think i've found a word for it, EXAGGERATING! yes! shes a queen of exaggerating! XD dun u agree with me rab? wahahaha
  4. mimi : for the records she's our assistant class rep who had tried several times to resign but always ended up failing, well, its bcuz we love u mimi! and wanted u to be our assistant till we graduates! haks! so..what about mimi? well, one thing for sure : she's a clean freak, and u would easily figured that out after spending time with her for only an hour! i mean, she uses her OWN telekung when solat at surau library, she wanted a hand sanitizer after playing the swing thing we played at genting for she was afraid of the germs she had touched, she wanted a cover for the mattress we used back then at sg congkak to sleep for it appeared dirty and disgusting to her, and she wanted to wear slippers inside of has's room bcuz a cat CONSTANTLY berak in front of has's room. so there, wat, u needed more proofs? i got plenty more, but lets juz stop here, okeh, hahahahahahaha XD

i juz lovvveee this pic, so i cant help it but to put it in here =P

this is atero, sebuah kedai " serbaguna"?? =P

ini skaf has, untuk makluman sume....sape has? wait for my next post XD

time larian 1 msia
sweet moments, sorry la x dpt cite pasal sume, terlalu malas skg XD

to be continued....
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