a man..err or maybe a girl?? XD with few words..

me when i was bored, tho this pic has nothing to do with this post =D

first of all, yay! i finally got myself a blog (mcm la susah sgt, haha)
neways, since this would be my first ever post, i should make it interesting rite, hee for my own satisfaction, n also, becoz im already bored to death!! yeah, frankly speaking, my life is boring, XO not that i dun like holidays or home or everything about where i am rite now ( which is home..ok, aku da start melalut) but ok, seriously, there's nothing interesting about getting stucked here in your house, not to mention being ALONE all the times, (parents working n siblings at campuses n everything) so yeah, there's nothing much i could do..except eat or open the fridge looking for sumthing to eat, or cook anything that can actually be eaten.. so, err basically, wat i do all day was jz eating!! isnt that pathetic?? lol, now come to think about it, i think i jz figured out the reason for my being like this! (pointing to all of me) waaaaaa....!!! T_T

alrite, moving on...
so, why " a man with few words?" err, i dun noe to whom am i asking this, ( bajet ade org bace blog aku) but anyhow, since this is my first post, i shud at least explain a lil bit about my choosing this to be my blog's title. ok, 1st of all, i hav always, i mean hav ALWAYS ALL THE TIME regards myself as a quite a quiet person. i mean, i usually dun hav much to say or talk to with anybody. even with families n closest frens!! i noe i can be very humorous ( ??) or even crazy sumtimes, but trust me! when it comes to talking or getting involve in a long conversation with people, i always found myself ended up being quiet cuz i dunno wat else to say!!! =(
seriously tho, i dunno when did i develop (does it need to be developed?? i think it comes naturally, yeah i was born with it!!) this kind of a pathetic feature, but then i remembered when i was in standard 3, there was one time when our parents had to meet with the teachers to get the laporan kemajuan book and teachers will informed the parents about their children's behaviour and results and everything (you get the picture rite?)
so back then in darjah 3 my homeroom teacher was cikgu ibrahim (he has a son which is a year younger than me and he also went to the same school, ok mengarut lagi), i hav always done great in exams, everytime, (not boasting, but it's the truth =)) so my mum usually doesnt hav much to expect except dalila's great, baik budaknye n everything (hehe) so, lets juz say that this cikgu ibrahim has a completely different view about me compared to the other teachers.
it is true he also said that im a clever girl jz like the others, but there's one thing he said following that that completely made my jaw falls, even until now, since i cant get that memory out of my head, so wat did he said?? hehe :
cikgu ibrahim : dalila ni bagus betul budaknya, pandai, tapi satu jela, dia ni memang x bnyak
cakap, dalam kelas pon diam aje kak (talking to my mum)
so there??? you see??? hahaha, i guess it's in my gene, tho i had become more talkative after that incident, but still, talking is not my strongest ability

but anyhow, tho im lack in communication skills ( am i? give ur comments guys, if u happen to read this, plus if u noe me, lol) im still good in finding great friends!! i mean, really really great! i'll talk about them later (or maybe not, i dun noe =) ) cuz rite now im thinking about writing details about my latest trip to genting highlands, which, trust me, was full with suka and duka, hehe

well, until that, i think this is it, wow, cant believe i actually wrote that (pointing to everything i had wrote up there) so, this is the end of this entry. my first post!! oh i finally hav a blog! yay! XD
5 Responses
  1. koreangulrz Says:

    mm..btul pendiam la sgt..tp ble dia da bcakap...abis sume...
    aq pn leh jd sengal...haha....
    great to have a friend like you...

  2. iman Says:

    hahaha, betol la, aq ni pendiam secare diam-diam, bile kwn gan korunk baru jadik bising =P

    tanx syiq, pasnih aq nak cite pasal geng surau library kite, post special untuk korunk, hee...

  3. (^_*)V ........peace~

  4. nieza Says:

    hehehe.. pdiam k?? kalo ak pdiam bole dtrma la

  5. iman Says:

    pendiam la! x caye cube bebual gan aq time aq tido! XD

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