genting's moments!!! -part 1-

ok. i noe i went to genting without my parents knowing ( for the records, i went to everywhere without telling my parents 1st, i told them only after i came back =P) n came back in one piece, alhamdulillah, but still, i cant believe im saying this : i dun feel guilty! at all! u noe why? cuz genting rocks man! =D yeah, i truly-really enjoyed myself there! the roller coaster-i tell u- was whoaaa!! hahaha cant believe i actually rode that thing, it was crazy u noe! the feeling, its like, its u r going to die! a total adrenaline rush experience! a total blast!! =D ok, im really acting like jakun here, so need to stop that now

actually im planning to write everything, i mean every single details from our trip, from the moment we bought the tickets till we walked (yes, WALKED) back to times square in rain, yes, you heard me rite, in RAIN..but, i think it wud take 3 days to actually complete the post, well, i maybe a man with few words, but trust me, when it comes down to writing, i could fill more than a 2 pages of newspaper, lol, so thats why i decided to separate this post into several parts, so that u wont feel bored reading one n would then looking forward (will u??) for the other parts.

ok, it all started with us planning to go on a vacation after final exam's over. we planned to go to cameron highland at first, but due to the lack of budgets, ( hey, its already at the end of the semester, what can u expect from an unemployed-jpa's sponsored-students like us?? =P) ok, the thing is, we're broke, we totally cant afford to go to places like cameron highland, or bukit tinggi resort and all, but we definitely hav some money if everyone were agree to go to genting. so thats it, finally everyone's agree to go there, except for a few of the surau library clans (i'll talk about them in the next post, they're gonna love it!! =D ) who couldnt make it due to several conditions.

so then, we decided to go there by package, we chose go genting travel n tours (i think thats their name, ntah tibai je) but then, oh boy trust me, what a journey we had to make to actually get the tickets! i mean, man, it was full with onak and duri! well, maybe it was our own fault for not booking the tickets earlier, but helloo?? we're in the middle of the exams at that time, so in what way could we actually get the tickets earlier? anyhow, after the last paper, which is biochemistry, n which i do not want to talk about or think about anymore, we : me, wanot, kin, mimi, has and syiqa went to kl sentral to buy the tickets (the go genting tickets, in case u've forgotten =)) and how happy we were to find out that the earliest departure time for the tickets left for that day ( we decided to go on thursday, 29/4) was at 2.30 pm! (if im not mistaken, cuz i kinda hav a gold fish memories when it comes to numbers n faces n roads, oh lets juz say everything!) so, yeah, since the outdoor park closes at 7.30 pm and my brother suddenly cant pick me up and take my belongings from college on saturday but he could only come that night, at 10 pm, so i HAVE to make sure i get back to college before maghrib, so yes, that ticket is definitely a no-no! plus what's the fun to only get to spend not more than 4 hours at the park! it would be a total waste u noe.

so then, we spend about one hour (approximately =P) wandering around the place n wondering how to get an early bus to genting, after lepaking and thinking in front of another tour company, wanot ( as the pengarah program) decided that we buy only the bus tickets at pekeliling and the rest to be figured out after that, i mean, for us to buy the park tickets only after we'd arrived at genting, so then dengan bangga dan tanpa perasaannya, all of us pon angkat bontot and berambus dari situ, but then, a miracle happened! syiqa ( the 2nd pengarah program plus s/u plus treasurer) went back to that go genting counter n asked for their brochure, n oh boy, they've got branches at other places-gombak, kajang, pasarakyat (thats all i could remember), so at first we tot pasarakyat was pasar seni ( which is totally wrong! they're not even close to each other) so we called the pasarakyat branches n figured out they hav tickets that departs at 10.30 am, which is lovely!! so without hesitating more, we quickly leave the place and took the monorail! oh btw the brochure's map stated that pasarakyat was located at jalan imbi, so the first thing that came up into our innocent minds was the one and only times square =)

the interesting part happened during this very tedious part in search of the go genting branch, i think i would write that in the next post =P

to be continued...

6 Responses
  1. koreangurlz Says:

    haha...gler ar ko..
    i'm agree with all that...
    but lilot.. mse kt kl sentral bus tu yg ada kul 12.00 ar..hehe..
    awesome babe...what u were writing all that..
    can't wait for the next post..

  2. iman Says:

    see? thats why aq kate aq ade gold fish memory, isk3..

    2nd part da publish, tau x syiq tadi blackout n aq x smpt save mende2 yg aq tulis untuk 2nd part neh, tepakse taip balek, waaa T_T

  3. nieza Says:

    hahahaha... journey to the genting!!! klh journey to the cntre of the earth hahaha

  4. iman Says:

    haah, tahu xpe!! wahahaha, lg mencabar kot! XD

  5. tahniahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ lot ^^

  6. iman Says:

    tahniah tuk kite sume sbb brjaye mgharungi perjalanan neh n maseh idup XD

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