genting's moments!!! -part 2-

ok, where did i stopped before ? oh, rite, pasarakyat. well, can u imagine, even pak guard kat imbi's monorail station pon x tau kat mane pasarakyat tu. n worst, it's not even in the map! can u believe that?? i mean, for god's sake, that place is like the 2nd puduraya, the difference is only pudu sells tickets to bus terminals at different states, but this pasarakyat sells tickets to various tourist's attraction places all over the country! i mean, gimme a break, that shud be exactly the place where tourists are likely to go, n yet, it wasnt there in the map!! c'mon! what's the point of putting the map at the 1st place then?? ok, ok, enough about this, moving on =)

so, pak guard yg tadi tu wasnt a bit helpful at all, he only told us where jalan imbi are ( which kalau tnye budak tadika pon diorang tau, ok, im exaggerating, budak tadika x tau kut) so then we decided to split up, one team would go find the place while the other, urm..linger? and hav fun at times square? ( no offense guys =P) so then, being the nice and sweet person i am, i quickly XD offered myself to be in the search team rather than in the dream team ( again, no offense guys) so, me, wanot and syiqa then left the station confidently thinking innocently =P that we would find the place in no time, but turned out, it was nowhere to be found! i mean, seriously, even a true kl citizen pon x pernah denga tempat tu ( referring to has =P) , lagikan pulak kitorg. so then syiqa had to called the akak yg jage kaunter tu asking for directions, but boy oh boy, even that akak didnt exactly know how to get to that place from times square, excuse me?? HIGHlarious ok!
so then we juz walked and walked based on our instinct ( were we?? XD) , seriously, the journey was tough, we had to crossed the bushes ( thanks to wanot who lead the way) , bathed in sweat, and almost broke our legs to 4 parts ( ok, im exaggerating again) before we finally see the building! oh my, seriously, the location was not strategic at all ! n yet, it's a bus terminal! how ironic is that..
ok then, we finally reach the pasarakyat, now to find the go genting counter, satu lagi masalah, syiqa asked this one pakcik and he said the counter was at outside of the building and that it was counter number 2, in the same time, i also asked this one uncle and he said it is at counter number 5, tho confused but coz we're already feel like dying we juz went outside, and found the counter, well turned out both of the uncles were telling the truth! the counter really is counter number two from your left hand side and from your right hand side it would be counter number 5! can this journey become funnier and weirder than this?? XD god, both uncle, u made our day!! hahahaha
ok, so, FINALLY, we got the tickets, the bus departs at 10.30 am, so we had to be there early, we dont want to miss the bus wont we? after this killing journey, sape yg nak kene tinggal bus rite? trust me, if that really happens, i would kill myself =P

dalam bus dari kolej, kitorg naek bus pukul 8 suku kot, tp bus lmbt jalan, dekat pukol 9 baru gerak

naek monorail pon kami kecoh, haha

kin, yana and syu =) cun dan ayu (ikhlas neh!)

oh for the records we took the monorail to bukit bintang and then from bb we walked to pasarakyat, and before that we had our breakfast at bb's mcd, we wanted to juz eat nasik lemak at first, but it was all syiqa's idea! she forced us to eat mcd! ( ok that was a lie =P)

bekpes di mcd, pepagi pon selere nak demand XD

has bajet suap aq..ngan spatula!! err, wateva they call it =P

baru kat mcd neh, bateri camera da tgal stengah! woo~

dengan bus ni la kami datang dan kembali, aq nyares2 pergi x kembali!! XD

set the prayer dulu b4 berangkat,alhamdulillah, kami bukan sekadar budak surau library pada nama je taw =P

tiba di genting! wajeb pose di sume tmpat! lol

sngat suka pic neh! sgt exotic!! hahaha

*sweet* =)

double sweet =)

err...anda tafserkan la sendiri ape yg mereke sdg wat, hahaha

before naek roller coaster...hanya sebahagian diriku yg kelihatan, isk3

roller coaster yg gile!!! XD tapi nak naek lg!! hahaha

bertukar!!! =P jadik otomen (ok, aq mengarut)

mkn megi je taw kat sane, isk3 =(

sbb ujan, berambus duduk tangge, belah kanan aq tu toilet taw, abis mkn baru prasan =P

to be continued again =) .......

4 Responses
  1. koreangulrz Says:

    lilot..this 2nd post awesome...
    cantik ar...
    nsib bek ko kta tipu je..yg kta aq force mkn mcd..huhu...klu x abis ar ko...hehe...
    ble 3rd post nk kuar plak...

  2. iman Says:

    hakhak, tnx!! =D

    hehe, tp memg btol kan idea ko memule ajak mkn mcd, lau x kite g perot kosong je, isk2 =P

    hehe, aq nga karang jalan cite ( yela sgt)
    nati yg 3 da ciap aq btau eh, heee =D

  3. mne yg 3 lot??cpt la!

  4. iman Says:

    hahaha, 3 in progress, aq nga malas la nak karang, sabo ye cik mimi

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