genting's moments!!! -part 3-

yay! finally it's part 3! well, actually i tot i could finished all these 3 posts by 3 days..urm turns out i got lazy after the 2nd part was published, so, yeah, haha.. ^_^
to has, mimi and syiqa, sorry i kept u all waiting, plz blame my laziness, muahaha

so here we go, urm, what should i talk about this time?

neh time dorg nga tunggu nak naek solero asenye, isk2 menyesal aq x naek same

mane aq la derr???

so here we are in genting, whats the point of getting here at the first place if we were not to play all the games they provided there at the outdoor park? plus we definitely wanna spend our RM41 wisely, so yeah, after the crazyyy roller coaster, some of us decided to try on the solero pulak, well i said some of us because the other some of us ( including me =P) didnt exactly have the courage to ride on that thing ( a decision which i, and mimi too, i think, regretted after we came back, isk3..)

i mean, like has said, to be on that solero thing is like bunuh diri u noe, i mean, it takes us high up in the air until we're at the level of kl tower, and suddenly drops us down at a high speed, so yeah, i totally admit it, im really freaked out. and plus, my knees were still shaking due to the roller coaster experience, and has and mimi werent a bit helpful at all, they kept telling me how scary is that thing is, and how it would risked my life if i were to board it (ok, a lil bit exaggerated there =P)

so then, we splitted up, kin, wanot, syiqa, ros and yana, the bravest persons of our team ( aq da puji2 neh, lanje la nasik gan teh ais) queud up for the solero, and the rest of us decided to take a walk around the place, carrying their ( the bravest persons, remember?) bags! ( well, im not complaining, tapi aq da terbau2 mcd neh, paham2 la ye)

time q untuk naek roller coaster kecik, ngeh2..

so then, while we were walking, we came across with another roller coaster, this time a small one, with 4 persons per car, and it looked fun, and din looked scary at all, i mean, we barely even heard people screaming over that thing, making us think that maybe it was made for the children, and that it definitely not gonna be crazier than the previous roller coaster..

but, turned out, we're totally wrong! i tell ya, there are nothing, i repeat, NOTHING that wont freaked you out at genting ( well, a total exception to pirates train of course, oh i'll write bout that after this XD) even this tiny little so-called roller coaster thingy! well it maybe tiny, but trust me, it could cause someone to die! of heart attack! no kidding! ( am i exaggerating again?)

purak2 takot b4 naek roller coaster, skali da naek, hambek ko, menjerit x engat, kakaka

before the dreaded trolley took off... after? jgn ckp la, muke pucat!! hahaha

oh and the strangest thing is, like i'd mentioned before, no, we could barely heard anyone screamed over that thing, and yet when it was our turn, god we screamed to the top of our lungs! i tell ya, when we finally stopped, all eyes were on us!! even the workers there kinda looked at us like we were some kind of a freak! and im not even kidding! ( hey dun blame us, it was our first time there! well, at least for me =P) and now come to think about it, it was hillarious u noe, ok2 maybe next time i'll act a little macho when riding that thing ( err, is that possible?)

a bit like kat oversea, no? =)

i think this is the wet park, snapped it from surau =P

next, we played this swingy thing, ( well, i din noe the names of most of the games there, hey i tell ya, they shud at least put a signboard there so that ppl noe what they are riding, well, in case sumthing went wrong and u wanna sue them, you could specified to the lawyer the name of the game u played, ok this is getting weird)

well, ok, although some of us ( by saying some of us im referring to wanot and has =P) din wanna ride this swing at first cuz they were too afraid they're gonna puke ( oh for the records has did, puke i mean, in the end ( ye has, aq nak canangkan kat satu dunia ko muntah2 ari tu, muahaha)) but finally we managed to talk them into riding it ( well, what can i say, its a reverse psychology skills =P) so yeah, for a macho and strong persons like the rest of us, that thing was nothing ( err..although the truth is, i couldnt even scream all the way bcuz i was too scared i might fall down,or get tercampak from that thing, u noe, u were too too scared that no voices are coming out from ur larynx? i call that 3rd degree scared..oh n sshhh..keep this a secret, i mean, me being scared and all, especially from wanot, thank god shes not reading this,huhu)

neh pon depan surau neh, sejuk je mate memandang muke2 lepas solat =P

mak cik arab neh pon teruja nengok group kitorg sampai ye nak join begambo, hakhak

next we decided to ride on err.. a car? ( again, i din noe their names)
and while we were buzy queuing ( err buzy? no, i mean bored) some of us managed to kidnap someone else's baby! i mean, with their parents permission lah ( just in case there are any policemen who stalked my blog, ( dream on =P)) anyway, mimi was sooo obsessed with the baby! i mean, like seriously! she even begged me to upload her pic with the baby in fb! hahaha well i dunno what else to say, mi, tu baru anak org, kalo ko da de anak sndirik ntah cane la plak wei..

mimi : the serial cute babies kidnapper..pic ni la yg die mrayu saye suh upload, huhu

sorg lg yg obsessed gan baby neh, partner in crime mimi: syiqa

neh la kete yg kitorg naek, whatever their names are =P

i strongly recommend the gov to put this on main roads and highways, especially during raya festivals =P well, no purpose actually, just so we will laugh, xde la busan sgt time drive derr, err make sense x? hahaha

among the pics we took while wandering around the place..

situasinya : ros nak pg maen kat children playground sbb da xde mende sgt nak maen ( ujan kan) and has tepakse tarek ye ngan sedaye upaye sbb tanak jatohkan aer muke kitorg, yg laen da blah dulu da, *malu2*

" ku sangkakan panas sampai ke petang, rupa rupanya hujan di tengah hari" memg kene batang hidung la peribahasa neh, huhu...its a sad thing, the rain decided to fall that evening, at first it was only sekejap-sekejap, but then, it gets heavier and finally wont stop, even after we went back to kl..

so there, we only got to play several games, cuz the authority wont let us play the outdoor games due to the rain, so then we juz walked around the place, snapped a few ( lots, actually) photos and then decided to play the indoor games. oh wait. the pirates train!

hahaha so what about this pirates train, well turned out the names doesnt indicate ( at all) the "fun" experience u will get after riding it.. it was funny, really, at first i tot it was kinda like a journey fulled with scary things aka ghosts, so yeah, i was a bit scared at first, i even screamed before the train actually moved =P ( see? look at how big my expectation is) but, really..for heavens sake..there were nothing but darkness and trees and stones, whatnots inside it... the only thing that looked scary but wasnt scary at all was a dead body ( made of papers i think) inside of a glass, sigh~
so yeah, the journey was funny because wanot and kin behind us ( i rode that thing with has, i wanna ride it alone at first but they said it will get scary so..) they keep on screaming, so we cannot stop laughing over that, gosh it was funny! =D i dunno why they even bother to build that thing at first place ( patot la x ramai org yg beratur untuk naek bende tu, cis!) i mean, a total waste of money lah, the management cost and all, when u noe it can only scared babies, but all in all, its a good experience, knowing that we definitely wont ride that thing ever.again. =P

err..berharap dengan menghempapkan diri pada kaca hujan akan berenti.. =P

everyone else looked cool, except kin, i dunno what she's up to, but seriously kin, it looked weird =P muahaha

posing with wanot's style ( according to her), urm, feel like sumthing's missing here..oh yeah, atero..huhu =(

seorang sampah masyarakat mendapat balasan yg setimpal untuknya : get scolded and insulted by kin, a punch at the face and a kick from me, and a hit at the head by yana, hahahaha ( ketawa kejam)

has berlagak kena tangkap ngan JAKIM sbb berbini lebeh dari satu, erk

omg its snowing baby!! =D

bila 2 roommate da high...=P

aq x tau bile aq snap pic neh, tp nampak cam syiqa ngah peras ugut wanot suh blikan sweet potato tuh, hahaha

sekali lagi mimi buli anak org, mentang2 die foreigner ko ngat die x ley sue ko la mi, wakaka~

and....THE END.

well all in all, it was a great experience, really! especially when u've got a bunch of really cool, not to mention crazy- friends accompany you! i definitely wanna go there again next time, but this time around, make sure kite tengok dulu ramalan cuace okeh kengkawan! =) and solero...i will definitely ride u one day, this i promised u, hehehe...

to wanot, mimi, syiqa, kin, has, yana, ros and syu... thank u for rocking my world that day, luv ya all, muaxx!

ok, THE END... (finally =P)
11 Responses
  1. iman Says:

    baru pasan, rupenye aq lupe nak cite pasal aq nyares kene tggal bus n pasal kite balek ts dalam ujan... wahaha

  2. nieza Says:

    ap y ko ingt mkck.. tuh prstiwa pntg dowh.. jdkn part ke 4.. hehehehehe.... perlu k citer aku muntah!!!!!

  3. iman Says:

    bagi aq peristiwa penting cume peristiwa ko muntah je, wahahaha

    part 4? haha nengok la nati kalo aq maseh rajen, ala sayg la x amek gambo time kite otw balek ts malam tuh, ko xde amek gambo ke??

  4. koreangulrz Says:

    yup..lilot..finish it by posting the part 4...i'll wait..huhu..selamat mngarang...
    aq enjoy pe yg ko tulis..hihi

  5. iman Says:

    sbb ko suke ape aq tulis make aq tepakse la wat part 4, hahaha

  6. nieza Says:

    bgus lot.. mlgnya xd gmbr msa kta jln kaki dlm hujan.. tuh mmg sadis.. ibrt ank tbuang da ak rs time tuh.. cm lari rmah.. xd tpt blindung hahaha

  7. iman Says:

    hahaha, bukn ko memg anak tebuang yg memg xda tempat belindung kew?
    wahaha kucing kurap!

  8. nieza Says:

    wei amoeba!! dahla mkhluk tpinggir.. bwk virus!!..

  9. iman Says:

    skurg kurgnye amoeba xderk kurap!!
    cam kucing kurap spertimu! miahaha

  10. iman Says:

    skurg kurgnye amoeba xderk kurap!!
    cam kucing kurap spertimu! miahaha

  11. QasehQeen Says:

    seyes~!!lawak gler gambo2 aku dlm neh...urgghh,,sengal la..huhu :P

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