change that i need

being alone and having nothing to do all day gives me a chance to review the things that i'd done after leaving school for merely 3 years. or in other words, what kind of an adult that im becoming now? have i really done something remarkable? something that my family are proud of? something that can make me smile each time im thinking about it?


the answer is no. no i havent done something special. no i dun really have made my family proud. and yes, im juz a usual adult. a typical malay adult. a nothing but an adult.

people might think im too demanding, that im not grateful for what i am or what i have now. but i have big dreams. i wanna play parts in something big. i wanna be knowned by people. in fact, i wanna be knowned by the world. i noe it sounds funny, and not realistic. some optimisticist will say that we ought to have big dreams, they will say it's not wrong to have big dreams, and all we should do is believing in it. that's what they think. but can by being optimist really help you achieve your dreams? ( duh, im started to sound like a nerd here, lame, lame, lame..)

silly me. good thing x ramai org bace blog aq, ahaha...

so, ok, the point is, i need to change. i dun want that after this, when im happened to meet up with my ex school- or pasum mates again they're gonna be like " oh dal u still look the same, u havent change a bit " yada, yada... god thinking bout that make me feel so depressed...

so yeah, i really need a make over, an extreme one, inside and outside. i mean i need to change my mindset, i need to change my everything..

but the problem is, can that really happen? the make over thing? well, all in all it all comes down to me, whether i really wanted it or not, and how determined i am to actually accomplish it..

well, we'll see...c'mon myself, u've got 2 months to be a new person, u can do it, have faith in u =)
4 Responses
  1. pasni ko da xnk bersengal-sengal lutut brsame kami ke lot?? sob..sob..

  2. iman Says:

    wahahaha, mana mungkin, aq xley idup lau x same2 memerengkan diri gan korunk, bak kate wanot nati mati kekejangan, bab wat muke ketat 24/7
    weeee~ ^_^

  3. nieza Says:

    hahaa bgus!!.. ko kn ktua klb mereng!!

  4. iman Says:

    ye! dan ko pengasasnye!

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