Some mental block and then just ramblings as usual..


To be honest, I have been opening and closing and then re-opening again this write new post section for the last 48 hours. I have been writing some sentences and then deleted them again only to write the same sentences all over again. The truth is, i missed blogging. But the consequences of having ditching blogging all-together since I started working has now slowly rubbing itself on me. Seriously now, I had no IDEA what to blogged about!! However on the brighter side, the tensions and frustrations building up on how I wanted so bad to blog but had no idea what to write on had finally fruiting a success as it had eventually prompted me to write down my feelings in the forms of words and sentences here, and VOILA! one paragraph is finished already! MUHAHAHAHA
**See, blogging IS easy. I couldnt comprehend why I didnt do this sooner**

So, I have been into a lot of things lately. The lack of time I have at my perusal couldnt stopped me from enjoying what my life could offer, Although I gottta admit, sometimes I missed of going back into campus and having a lot of free time at my disposal. But truth be told, I enjoyed getting money MORE. hahaha. so I'll just try my best to utilize all the times I have got now before I start thinking of what my next steps in  life would be.

So, here it is, I have been having this urge to start taking photography seriously. Just recently bought myself some decent kit and I hope that would make things a lot smoother and easier after this. I just cant wait to learn some new skills and you know, just get out there and take the photos of everything! Oh wow, even the prospects of it excites me to no end!

So, that's a little part of the experiments in which I'm currently working on. I promise I'll update everything in here soon and fast! I just cant wait to share some of my good works! Haha

Until then,

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