I open my eyes everyday with the same feeling I had with me the other day. Dont you think it's such a wonder? We drift off to sleep every night, not knowing, sometimes not even care, if we would be able to wake up again and see the light of the new day. We have been living like this for so many years that we're now taking our own lives just for granted.

Life is a bless. So does being able to breathe, to pump up blood and oxygen, to eat, to move our limbs, to act involuntarily, and to function normally.

I remember when I used to walk along the road of Masjid Jamek. Seeing the incapable, the blinds, the amputees, trying to meet their ends meet. It was saddening. Although they looked okay, but not for us, the ables. We tend to think how awful their lives must have been. Imagined not being able to see, to hear, to talk, or to use our limbs properly. We empathized with them. But was that enough? We then gave them the cheapest note from our purse, hoping that would make their lives for that day ended better, but in all honesty, what did we knew? We left the road, feeling proud with our own conscience and good deed, but how about their own feelings? At the end of the day, we're all still strangers.

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile" - Albert Einstein

All of our lives we have wanted so many things. We see others own something that we don't have. We grew jealousy. And it is in the nature of human being to wanted to achieve equality with the others. That is why certain ideologies that promoted equality for every man kinds erupted and influenced a great number of people before. The idea seems noble and legit. But only for he who is driven by greed. There is not one worthwhile idea if it doesn't comes from Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. Rasulullah clearly stated this in his last khutbah. As long as we depends everything on both of them, we will be lead to a straight path.

"We were born to lead. To be khilafah on His earth. To spread da'wah. To live in Deen."

Life offers us with great opportunities. Often so many that we were not able to catch up. But have you yet realized what the greatest opportunity is out there? The one that we should have grabbed at instant. It took me some times to figure it out.

It is the opportunity to serve, my friend, most and foremostly, to HIM. He owns you. He owns us. He owns everything. With that said, who in their right mind would not want to become closer to him? "Don't ever let ourselves become strangers with our own creator." Points to ponder.


kerana kitaran itu..

somebody had scored a medical check up appointment for a job that she havent yet secured.

somebody had to go to the panel clinic tomorrow to perform the medical check up.

but guess who had to cancel the whole appointment tomorrow?

and because of what?

because she is a woman, and was damn grateful for it.

lol. this whole situation is so drama like. her life is a drama! (^v^) HAHAHA

p/s : for those who still havent a clue, here's a point to ponder. "medical check up included urine test."


The Curious Case of


have you ever experienced any sickness that is difficult for you to explain? of course, every sickness sometimes can only be explained by specialties, but what i'm trying to point out here is the kind of a very strange, not-your-everyday stuffs sickness that happens to you without you knowing it.

like having a very excruciating pain around your wrist thus preventing you from being able to do anything with your hand, or even, to lift it up? like what happened to me last week?

if you do, then you're part of this case. it's not actually that fascinating, this case. but since i experienced it first hand, i became very curious about it and had tried to research it as much as i can.

so here goes :

one day i felt my wrist was sore. thought that maybe it was just a normal pain i get from doing chores on daily basis i just shake it off, feeling confident that it wont last long. but after a few days, the pain got worse that it woke me up from sleep one night. i thought i slept weird so i just brought my hand on  my stomach to sleep. but the next morning when i woke up for prayer i felt the pain was so intensified that i had to tell my mom. she applied some ointment around the painful area and wondered what did i do to get that kind of a sore wrist. to be honest, i also cannot remember. i never experienced a pain so excruciating like this i told my mom i thought maybe i had fractured my wrist or worse, broken it. but it doesnt feel like broken (though i never experienced breaking bones before). it felt more like my arteries are swollen and inflamed, however when you look at it from any directions there is not even one sign of inflammation. well, of course i was talking about the famous cardinal signs. though there is pain, but you cannot see any redness, any swelling and i dont feel hotness around that area.

when we're about to go to the clinic, my mom suddenly had an idea about what causes this phenomenon. she said she'd experienced this kind of a symptom before, it is called GAS. well, being a biomedical science major, i know gas pain only occurred at the stomach, caused by acid reflux in the stomach, and they are the causes of stomach ache and heartburn. but never did i ever knew that it could happen at other body area.

so i googled for information and there it is, i read some cases about people who had experienced an equal symptoms like mine and they were caused by gas. apparently there are a lot of nerve endings in our stomach and thus gas can travel through it and cause pain elsewhere in the body. fascinating right?

so, how do you cure the pain? naturally, when having gas in the stomach people would burp to release it, but when it involves other parts of the body, i guess different approaches have to be used. as for me, i take some gas pills called POVIL, an antacid tablets that works by neutralising the acids in the stomach, and after a day, all thanks to Allah, the pain slowly started to subside and i can fully use my hand again at the end of the day.

so, to summarize this all up, human body is very mysterious, dont you think? with a little bit of outside changes can cause your body to react differently. well, that is cause we were built perfectly by our creator. there's a reason for every single thing. therefore we should never dare not to forget that all pain, all cure, all difficulties and happiness, they all come from Allah. so whenever you're sick, dont only seek medication for your pain comfort, but remember to seek for his help and blessings too for a comfort of your heart and soul and for He is The One that causes EVERYTHING to happens.

why this sudden post? well, first of all because i admitted that i had turned my heart away from Him slightly these past few days because i was frustrated. and i realized my khilaf now.
second of all, is because i missed blogging (or ranting, actually) so very much! blogging had been my second hobby after all before, so i just thought right now (since i have nothing else important to do a.k.a is still very much jobless) would be the perfect time to come back as a fresh blogger! way to go me. hehe

and, as a closure, if anyone ever feel interested to learn more about (this sounds very corny!) gas, feel free to click on this link here

it's not too late to say happy eid mubarak right? still got 3 days left. have a good one people :)

harga RON95 (gas) naik 20 sen. surely is a pain in the gas right? ha ha ha syukurlah. empat tahun lagi undilah mereka lagi. ha ha ha pasti naik 40 sen pulak. ha ha ha

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