kerana kitaran itu..

somebody had scored a medical check up appointment for a job that she havent yet secured.

somebody had to go to the panel clinic tomorrow to perform the medical check up.

but guess who had to cancel the whole appointment tomorrow?

and because of what?

because she is a woman, and was damn grateful for it.

lol. this whole situation is so drama like. her life is a drama! (^v^) HAHAHA

p/s : for those who still havent a clue, here's a point to ponder. "medical check up included urine test."

3 Responses
  1. hassy chan Says:

    mek.. mmg ak free sgt3.. blog ko ni ak tgk gak.. xreti2 update ye kome... duk tang kitaran tu jugak hahahahah..

    p/s : i am a silent reader kihkihkihkih..

  2. Iman Says:

    hidup di rumah tak de mende interesting jadi hoii. tengok ko tukar layout rase bernapsu gak nak tukor gak ni. hahah

  3. hassy chan Says:

    sila tukar layout.. bhahahha.. ladies kan layout aku.. kahkahkahkhakah...

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