strangest thing had happened

being a final year student..
sure changes everything.

exhibit #1 it never occurred to me that one day I could feel ever reluctant to go hang out with friends during weekends, and it certainly never occurred to me that I could feel so reluctant to go back home. these thoughts had never ever crossed my mind before. and yet, I'm feeling those right now. gosh, this is so weird o_o

exhibit #2 I sometimes wish that I could just sleep, or even better, live in the lab, and work my experiments, so that no time is wasted having to go back and forth from home to the faculty everyday. ouh,  this is double weird O_o

exhibit #3 I would wake up at 7.30 a.m (sleeping back after subuh, of course) and would feel extremely guilty for wasting the precious time that I feel would be better used spending it doing the lab works, by not sleeping in, and by waking up earlier than the first bird awaken.

exhibit #4 I walk to lab everyday. I spend my energy doing lab works all day. I take the stairs everyday. I killed the rats two days in a row. I do overtime everyday. and I ate only 2 times a day. SO.
....why am I still NOT THIN?

... this is definitely the weirdest thing of 'em all O_O eeeppp!!!


sometimes I was so annoyed with other things that unknowingly I let it out on others..

I'm so sorry I was so rude to you sis..

everything I said, everything you heard coming from me, I didn't meant it that way..

I'm so sorry..I'm so sorry..I'm so sorry. really. I'm so sorry

I was having a hard time, and I forgot it wasn't only me who had to deal with the loss..everyone in our family is. I see everyone else in the family are going strong, and I never thought that it is actually not true.

I was being selfish. it's just that, nowadays I get irritated so easily. I guess it's because I had this complicated emotions whirling inside me, afraid to let it out. don't know to whom I ought to spill it to. I am angry because I feel empty. I feel irritated because no one understands me. and when I get those feelings, I let the anger out on the ones who's the most closest to me. you.

but I never meant it the way I said it..I'm so so sorryyy Along...

pointless tuesday

ubat tidor awal...

ignore the background's messiness

p/s : this unknown entity is actually a Cadbury drinking chocolate..

*ubat tidor awal jela. ubat bangun tidor awal? belum dicipta rasanya..  hola!

stuffs from here and there

sekarang ni..

dah officially boleh berenti meroyan. theehihihihihi *gelak mengekeh berpanjangan*

you're mine now!! mine!! *penantian menyebabkan sakit mental* (anyway ignore kesemakan dalam background)

Selingan : what would you expect to find in lung histology? alveolus? wrong. bronchus? wrong. goblet cell? naah wrong again.

the correct answer is.. *drums rolling* testis cell. *TRUE STORY*

here's the proof.
this one's at larger magnification. see the sperm cells at the centre? told ya I'm telling the truth.
GOD, histology 101 is soooo hilarious! what could be more random than this?? o(><)o hohoho~


Name : Iman
Age : 17 ++++ years old
Hobby/ies : Sleep
Interest/s : Handsome guy. Rich guy. Money. and Books. (To conclude, I desire a handsome rich husband who owns a bookstore)
Motto/s : "Sleeping can discards all the troubles away". and "Reference books are not worth buying".
Ambition : To stop growing old. And to own a Munchkin cat.

here, kitty kitty

the noisy reader? eh?

sometimes I'm glad that I had a blog. it's like hitting two birds with one stone. I can spit out my crazy thoughts for the world to read, and yet, no one would dare, or even care, to give comments. (not that I give a damn about it, although yes, I do despise silent reader to the core, muhaha).

well, no one, except for this one person. LOL

the power of editing, muhahaha

thanks for being my blog's one and only loyal commentator (though even I rarely commented on yours, big apology!)

and above all, thanks for being a wonderful friend.

my words may not reflect how much I appreciated you (like today, LOL, please don't take it to heart dear) but deep down, you will always be my kesayangan. (haktuii) touchy right? hohohoiii

love ya lots beb! and let's hope we could finish our lab work as planned and graduates, and then sleep until we got job offer from JPA, or until (fingers crossed!) some hot and rich guy ask for our hand in marriage, hahaha. xoxo

till then~

The hormone has been rid! Hi it's me!

I love it when no one else is around in the lab. Coz that means I can turn on my music playlist as loud as I want and watch movies (while waiting for incubation period) and move freely (I can even run around in there!) and use the equipment all by myself, no queuing and everything. And beyond all these, there's also no longer the pressure of having the outcast feeling, like I was in Beijing or something, when in fact I realized that I am still very well in Malaysia and had never even remembered taking a plane and fly to that region before (this is the most subtle sentence that could think of). I feel free! I feel sooo comfortable!

And to add to these great feelings, the lab results that I obtained are also PURR-FECT!! I tell you, there's absolutely NOTHING that could beat this great feeling. A wonderful R square on the first experiment! even Anand told me it was a big thing! gosh, I feel so happy :D Alhamdulillah!

MDA test in progress..

doing MDA, is absolutely tiring. it took almost 3 straight hours to complete every sets. I'm doing triplicate and plus the time spent on preparing reagents, all in all everything were finished at 7.30 pm (I started working from 10.30 am). thank God I'd managed to NOT burn down the lab. (since every lecturers and PPSP had scared us with that student-doing-MDA-and-forgot-to-turn-off-the-bunsen-burner-and-end up-having-to-climb-in-from-the-window-to-save the lab-from-burning-down story, I was being extra careful with the thing). the trick is to IMPROVISE. like in the picture above, see what's basing the tripod stand? and the bunsen burner? if the flame was too close it would burn the wire gauze. so I figured I had to make the stand taller and thus increasing the distance between the flame and the gauze, and end up doing this. lol, doing experiments is all about being creative. we're like the artist of the lab, though I'm not so sure how true that sentence is.

but anyway, standard curve for today is AWESOME and I thank Allah for blessing me with this. Alhamdulillah, and may I not forget to say the word and thank Him for everything He'd given to me, every single second of everyday again. :) until then.

Le tissue eater

Before this, I was at war with the spectrophotometer. the blue one, specifically. but then we get tired cursing at each other (not at each other, actually, it's more like a one-sided argument, since spectrophotometer couldn't curse back at you. I mean, if it does, I won't be living until now to blog about this, well, since I would die of heart attack upon seeing that, or die from shock, like they said, oh whatever, the point is, that thing is a bloody machine. everyone knows that, so basically, this explanation is actually pointless. and ridiculous. and wasting space. period.) and had come to an agreement that both of us should take a break from each other for a while and focus on other things that are equally important as doing whatever I was doing with that thing back then.

but now, the enemy has changed.

there is no more spectrophotometer..

it is now me against the MICROTOME.

With the power bestowed upon me by the Lord of Instruments (I know it sounds lame, couldn't figure any grand name in a short time), I hereby declare a WAR against you, Mista Microtome! muhahaha! Fear me! For I will hunt you down and tear off your skin, Masak Satayyy~~!

..stupid microtome. why you no let me cut the tissues easily. then we both would be happy. and live happily ever after. in a country called Far Far Away. huhuhu...

*this is the hormone blogging.  Again...apparently.*
hormone signing out~

angry ME

Internet. Search engine.

Most of the times they are prove to be helpful (like giving ways to hack IDM and solve issues regarding someone's external hard drive and saving me from having to replace it with a new one and had to live with the guilt  for my entire life, for example.)

But seriously. Sometimes they are nothing but just a pain in the neck. (the Internet, I mean, not the external hard drive).

This, is happening, when a certain someone find it hard to hold onto her patience anymore

Who says us the new generation had a more easier life compared to our teachers before?? Who says finding the information nowadays is as easy as clicking away on the keyboard?? I dont know bout you lots but me, me had to click the keyboard for 3 hours every night just for a piece of information, and even after a long 3 hours clicking and typing every word ever existed, me still ain't getting any! the information I mean! so! do not blame us if we couldn't complete our thesis! you hear that? okay? coz it's all the internet's fault. blame it on it instead.

*this is the hormone's blogging*

blood borne disease

you know you're an adult when..

..bickering with your siblings doesn't involves silly and childish stuffs anymore.. T_T

hopefully a good night sleep can shake all these troubles off my shoulders.. zzZZzzZZzzz~

holiday spirit!

Alhamdulillah ..

was feeling a little bit down when the day started..

but this cute "candy" had managed to put a smile back to this face ^^,

thank you lab partners! :D thank you so soo much! didnt expect it coming at all! hee~

this is the first time I've ever feel unwilling to eat oranges..coz they're too adorable! :D hola!

p/s : get them..presents...and the sem...ends...ugh

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