strangest thing had happened

being a final year student..
sure changes everything.

exhibit #1 it never occurred to me that one day I could feel ever reluctant to go hang out with friends during weekends, and it certainly never occurred to me that I could feel so reluctant to go back home. these thoughts had never ever crossed my mind before. and yet, I'm feeling those right now. gosh, this is so weird o_o

exhibit #2 I sometimes wish that I could just sleep, or even better, live in the lab, and work my experiments, so that no time is wasted having to go back and forth from home to the faculty everyday. ouh,  this is double weird O_o

exhibit #3 I would wake up at 7.30 a.m (sleeping back after subuh, of course) and would feel extremely guilty for wasting the precious time that I feel would be better used spending it doing the lab works, by not sleeping in, and by waking up earlier than the first bird awaken.

exhibit #4 I walk to lab everyday. I spend my energy doing lab works all day. I take the stairs everyday. I killed the rats two days in a row. I do overtime everyday. and I ate only 2 times a day. SO.
....why am I still NOT THIN?

... this is definitely the weirdest thing of 'em all O_O eeeppp!!!

1 Response
  1. hassy chan Says:

    muahaha.. syukran i x terpengaruh even i hari2 hang out ngn u..
    ke aku pun weird??? deadline is coming soon, hasnieza!!!!! wake up!

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