The hormone has been rid! Hi it's me!

I love it when no one else is around in the lab. Coz that means I can turn on my music playlist as loud as I want and watch movies (while waiting for incubation period) and move freely (I can even run around in there!) and use the equipment all by myself, no queuing and everything. And beyond all these, there's also no longer the pressure of having the outcast feeling, like I was in Beijing or something, when in fact I realized that I am still very well in Malaysia and had never even remembered taking a plane and fly to that region before (this is the most subtle sentence that could think of). I feel free! I feel sooo comfortable!

And to add to these great feelings, the lab results that I obtained are also PURR-FECT!! I tell you, there's absolutely NOTHING that could beat this great feeling. A wonderful R square on the first experiment! even Anand told me it was a big thing! gosh, I feel so happy :D Alhamdulillah!

MDA test in progress..

doing MDA, is absolutely tiring. it took almost 3 straight hours to complete every sets. I'm doing triplicate and plus the time spent on preparing reagents, all in all everything were finished at 7.30 pm (I started working from 10.30 am). thank God I'd managed to NOT burn down the lab. (since every lecturers and PPSP had scared us with that student-doing-MDA-and-forgot-to-turn-off-the-bunsen-burner-and-end up-having-to-climb-in-from-the-window-to-save the lab-from-burning-down story, I was being extra careful with the thing). the trick is to IMPROVISE. like in the picture above, see what's basing the tripod stand? and the bunsen burner? if the flame was too close it would burn the wire gauze. so I figured I had to make the stand taller and thus increasing the distance between the flame and the gauze, and end up doing this. lol, doing experiments is all about being creative. we're like the artist of the lab, though I'm not so sure how true that sentence is.

but anyway, standard curve for today is AWESOME and I thank Allah for blessing me with this. Alhamdulillah, and may I not forget to say the word and thank Him for everything He'd given to me, every single second of everyday again. :) until then.
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