angry ME

Internet. Search engine.

Most of the times they are prove to be helpful (like giving ways to hack IDM and solve issues regarding someone's external hard drive and saving me from having to replace it with a new one and had to live with the guilt  for my entire life, for example.)

But seriously. Sometimes they are nothing but just a pain in the neck. (the Internet, I mean, not the external hard drive).

This, is happening, when a certain someone find it hard to hold onto her patience anymore

Who says us the new generation had a more easier life compared to our teachers before?? Who says finding the information nowadays is as easy as clicking away on the keyboard?? I dont know bout you lots but me, me had to click the keyboard for 3 hours every night just for a piece of information, and even after a long 3 hours clicking and typing every word ever existed, me still ain't getting any! the information I mean! so! do not blame us if we couldn't complete our thesis! you hear that? okay? coz it's all the internet's fault. blame it on it instead.

*this is the hormone's blogging*

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