the noisy reader? eh?

sometimes I'm glad that I had a blog. it's like hitting two birds with one stone. I can spit out my crazy thoughts for the world to read, and yet, no one would dare, or even care, to give comments. (not that I give a damn about it, although yes, I do despise silent reader to the core, muhaha).

well, no one, except for this one person. LOL

the power of editing, muhahaha

thanks for being my blog's one and only loyal commentator (though even I rarely commented on yours, big apology!)

and above all, thanks for being a wonderful friend.

my words may not reflect how much I appreciated you (like today, LOL, please don't take it to heart dear) but deep down, you will always be my kesayangan. (haktuii) touchy right? hohohoiii

love ya lots beb! and let's hope we could finish our lab work as planned and graduates, and then sleep until we got job offer from JPA, or until (fingers crossed!) some hot and rich guy ask for our hand in marriage, hahaha. xoxo

till then~
1 Response
  1. hassy chan Says:

    hoho part laki kaya tu aku like 1000000x... hoyeah!! ko kne kawen dlu tau.. sbb nk tgk ank ko.. hahahah..

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