sometimes I was so annoyed with other things that unknowingly I let it out on others..

I'm so sorry I was so rude to you sis..

everything I said, everything you heard coming from me, I didn't meant it that way..

I'm so sorry..I'm so sorry..I'm so sorry. really. I'm so sorry

I was having a hard time, and I forgot it wasn't only me who had to deal with the loss..everyone in our family is. I see everyone else in the family are going strong, and I never thought that it is actually not true.

I was being selfish. it's just that, nowadays I get irritated so easily. I guess it's because I had this complicated emotions whirling inside me, afraid to let it out. don't know to whom I ought to spill it to. I am angry because I feel empty. I feel irritated because no one understands me. and when I get those feelings, I let the anger out on the ones who's the most closest to me. you.

but I never meant it the way I said it..I'm so so sorryyy Along...
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  1. hassy chan Says:

    mintak maap kat dia..
    ko kne luahkan apa yg ko simpan dlm hati.. bila da luahkan, bru lega wei.. cthnya ko luahkan kat along ko ke buat girls talk hahahaha

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