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sekarang ni..

dah officially boleh berenti meroyan. theehihihihihi *gelak mengekeh berpanjangan*

you're mine now!! mine!! *penantian menyebabkan sakit mental* (anyway ignore kesemakan dalam background)

Selingan : what would you expect to find in lung histology? alveolus? wrong. bronchus? wrong. goblet cell? naah wrong again.

the correct answer is.. *drums rolling* testis cell. *TRUE STORY*

here's the proof.
this one's at larger magnification. see the sperm cells at the centre? told ya I'm telling the truth.
GOD, histology 101 is soooo hilarious! what could be more random than this?? o(><)o hohoho~
2 Responses
  1. hassy chan Says:

    wehhhuuuuuuu..... meroyan fon pulak ehhh!!!! okbai bhahahahhaa

  2. Iman Says:

    sadapppp!! hahahahaha

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