Le tissue eater

Before this, I was at war with the spectrophotometer. the blue one, specifically. but then we get tired cursing at each other (not at each other, actually, it's more like a one-sided argument, since spectrophotometer couldn't curse back at you. I mean, if it does, I won't be living until now to blog about this, well, since I would die of heart attack upon seeing that, or die from shock, like they said, oh whatever, the point is, that thing is a bloody machine. everyone knows that, so basically, this explanation is actually pointless. and ridiculous. and wasting space. period.) and had come to an agreement that both of us should take a break from each other for a while and focus on other things that are equally important as doing whatever I was doing with that thing back then.

but now, the enemy has changed.

there is no more spectrophotometer..

it is now me against the MICROTOME.

With the power bestowed upon me by the Lord of Instruments (I know it sounds lame, couldn't figure any grand name in a short time), I hereby declare a WAR against you, Mista Microtome! muhahaha! Fear me! For I will hunt you down and tear off your skin, Masak Satayyy~~!

..stupid microtome. why you no let me cut the tissues easily. then we both would be happy. and live happily ever after. in a country called Far Far Away. huhuhu...

*this is the hormone blogging.  Again...apparently.*
hormone signing out~
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