dua tiga menjak ni aku asyik sakitkan hati orang lain je.. bila dah terbuat something yang orang tak suka barula aku started to question myself; why did i do that? why didnt i act like this and that? what was i thinking back then?
i know it's about time i realized that people have feelings. everyone has their own feelings, and the world doesnt always revolves around me.
sometimes it feels very hard to understand others. we thought we're doing something right, but at the end of the day, we end up hurting them. life's complicated, but to me the people that are living life are way more complicated. i am complicated. that, i am fully aware. but being human, we sometimes forget about that. we tend to forget that we're not the only creature that are able to think and to feel. there are also other people around us.and everytime when you feel like you have done something wrong, you feel scared. you're scared that you came to the point where you became denial. you started to deny everything. you feel threatened with the truth, you feel like your hanging at the end of the world. thats what im feeling now.

is there any way that i could change myself into someone better? someone that are likeable by everyone? someone who doesnt simply hurt the people that actually care for them? i sometimes thought about this. sometimes i hate myself for being me. why was i born this way? why do i always think like this? why i always act like this? why cant everyone like me? why cant i make everyone happy? why i always hurt everyone around me??

to mind other's feelings, when we, as the outsider, doesnt have any idea about what was going on on their mind, is indeed, very hard. we'll unknowing, or knowingly, always, hurt them..

im sorry for for being such a bad person...... ;(  im sorry everyone....

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