its friday. already???

it's 1.11 in the morn, and here i am, sitting in front of my lappy trying to fight off this damn sleepiness. i have a quiz tomorrow, conducted by the lab to which i am being attached to right now- microbiology lab. i have no problem with taking quizzes whatsoever, what bothers me is the fact that this effing test carry out 50% marks out of 100 ??? just, the heck is that? concerning the fact that i have been wasting almost my entire time not taking this whole attachment thing seriously, that fact, it is just shocking, urghh.

when i worked (during my last semester break) i thought studying is much much more easier. but right now, i think i could've given up my degree, pasum's and spm's qualifications just to get back to my "beloved" Mr. Yeoh's side and be his slave for the rest of the eternity. (literally =p)

oh i hate it when everything doesnt go as planned. (like i've been planning anything, err) i hate it when i am forced to do something. i hate it when i need to stay awake when my eyes and my brain needed to shut down. i hate it when there's like, 100 more pages that i have to scan through before i could get rid of the notes out of my sight and mind for good. and i hate it when i felt like everyone's ignoring me. what should i do to get everyone's attention??? this is sucks =.=! yeah, me and my never ending-selfish-annoying-stupid-non stop complaints.

-will try to finish up 30 more pages, then im off to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!! yawnnnnnn~~~~~~~~~~ (teary eyes)
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