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Any treatment options for Corneal neovascularization?

I am 25 years old and was diagnosed with Corneal neovascularization. I know the basics of this disease and I am spreading the seriousness of this of this disease to everyone I know so they can prevent this. I’ve been wearing contact since I was 14 years old. I’ve had keratitis and countless vision problems. My prescription is -10.00/-10.50. My ophthalmologist told me I have a bad case and basically told me I can never wear contacts again. How true is that? Can I wear hard contacts? Is there any treatment options or therapies? Eye drops, Ointments, Surgeries? Should I get a second opinion? I don’t mind wearing glasses but my prescription is very high… I just feel I was given a one-sided answer. So many advances in technology today and I wasn’t given any options…

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Thanks for spreading the seriousness of this, we do what we can, but everyone thinks it can't happen to them.
There is no treatment, you have to let your eyes heal and NO contacts. I talked to my doctor (my boss) and he said it really depends on how severe it is on if you can ever wear contacts again. You may be able to wear a lens with a very high oxygen transmission, like the Ciba Focus Night and Day, but you'll never be able to sleep in them or wear them for extended hours. You know that you have blood vessels growing into your cornea, those vessels will not go away although once you stop wearing the contacts, the blood IN the vessels will go away and you will be left with what we call "ghost vessels". Because of the ghost vessels, it will be easier for the blood to come back into them if you over wear or abuse your contacts again. You may be able to wear contacts again, but you have to let your eyes heal and the blood to get out of the vessels before you can even think about contacts again. Wait 6 months and have your eyes checked again, if you still can't wear contacts, wait another 6 months and get them checked again.
I know you know this, this is for everyone else who may read this. Your eyes need to breathe just like your mouth, wearing a contact on your eye is basically doing the same thing with your hand over your mouth. You can still breathe, but it is harder. If you over wear, sleep in, abuse, or not properly clean your contacts, your eye will not get enough oxygen and start to grow blood vessels into your cornea. This is very, very bad, if you can't tell by the desperate plea for contacts...
I'm sorry I don't have the answer you want, it's one of those things that depend on your eyes and your doctor. No doctor wants to tell you it's okay to wear contacts and have the neo advance and get sued.


I'm an optician who double checked this answer with her optometrist

me : ohhh?? =.=
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