that's it.

if I failed to score at least an A- in this coming exams (which include only TWO papers).. I'm gonna established myself as a complete moron.

so, in order to not humiliate myself by's what I'm gonna do..

I'm gonna force my lazy butt to get off of this couch right now and started revising. this is a study week for heaven's sake, Dalila! a time to study! not watching tv! or update a new post in this bloody blog! grrrr..

I hate study week! study week is the time where students are made to believe they are going to utilise it to the fullest with studying when in reality what we actually do is lazing around! grrrr...

I'm angry now, grrrr...

1 Response
  1. hassy chan Says:

    im lazing around here.. wohoooooooo... :)

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