the house's clowns

bila dia mengiau tak berenti tepi tingkap mintak makanan kadang-kadang memang terasa macam nak sekeh-sekeh..
tapi bila tak dengar bunyik dia sehari sampai hujung kampung aku sanggup carik..
I'm glad I have you, my sweet lil pumpkins, nurjijip and muhd sheng sheng, hahaha

the most annoying yet adorable cat I've ever kept, jijip. this cat is a she. (that explains the  continuous tantrums and never-ending begging for foods)

introducing jijip's older brother, crookshank, also sometimes nicknamed as sheng sheng. quiet and not as annoying as the cat mentioned before, but sometimes when his pheromone kicks off, he could gets into my nerves too.

pets can be adorable,
pets can be annoying,
but when you feel down and miserables,
they are the ones who you always feel like hugging
(hey, never known I've abilities to rhyme words like this! lol, *self-bragging*)

p/s : it's just great to be able to get back home. and keep my mom a company. the least I could do right now. accompany her. oh Allah, I may not be the greatest daughter in this world. but please let me be a great daughter to a great mother like her. ameen :)

till then, wassalam..
2 Responses
  1. hassy chan Says:

    rindu gegellllll.. *kucing ai yg hilg...

    u are a great daughter... heeeee

  2. Iman Says:

    kita doakan kebahagiaan gegel oke, haha at least dia bukan lari dari rumah macam kucing aku

    and you are too, :)

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