can you tell me where luck is? 

lol, coz recently bad things keep happening to me. seems like I'm out of luck right now. is there someone out there kind enough to share their luck with me? I could definitely used a little bit of it here. :)

                            well, from this..

                          and this...


I'm not complaining though..(really!) it's just that. this unlucky incidents that keeps on happening had somehow made me think of something...

should I reconsider my shopping preferences? instead of buying cheap things should I go for the expensive ones? uhuh,  "orang kata biar kalah membeli menang memakai"? :) is that so? lol, anyway will definitely gives second thought before buying anything after this.. uuuu~ 

p/s : recently keeps on getting stinging sharp pain at my upper left chest. mr google said anxiety might be the reason. any second opinion perhaps?

till then, wassalam..

3 Responses
  1. hassy chan Says:

    chest pain is not something that i want to hear from u.. it makes me scared.. plisssss take care of your health..

    im willing to give my luck to you.. nah, take this... ngeee

    sincerely : has..

  2. hassy chan Says:

    oh i forgot..
    if the pain happens again, tell me okay.. :)

  3. Iman Says:

    ohh~ but it seems all this bad things only happens when we're together, >< lol

    nahh, probably it's just nothing. nothing that i can't manage. no need to worry hassy chan aka the girl in skirt (btw it was epic!!) hahahaha

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