my train man..

from 3 days backwards i have been glued to this one book I bought at a book fair.
from the moment I take a glimpse of that book, touched it then opened it I knew I'm gonna read this one first out of the pile of books I bought from the same book fair.

this is the book, TRAIN MAN aka DENSHA OTOKO

for anime's obsessor (yes of course I'm referring to you @hassy chan dearie) I'm sure you've heard or even watched this story before. it was a crazy hit in Japan back then. they even made it into anime, tv series, manga and novel, which is the one I was reading so passionately right now. only it has been translated into English of course.

from what I have googled, I came to know that this story was actually based from a true story. one day, one Japanese guy, an otaku to be precise, (note : otaku is what the Japanese called the people who are a geek or a computer nerd) saved a bunch of a woman in a train from a perverted drunken old man. after that courageous act, one woman actually seems to admire his bravery and send him a thank you gift. that guy, or in this novel was called densha otoko or train man, since he was an otaku, he often spends a lot of his time in front of the PC and chat with his fellow geeks in this one website called the 2channel. so, as densha saved the women, he posted a thread on the website. the thread became different from before as more and more geeks started to give him inspirations and encouraged him on the next step on what he should do with that girl who sent him the thank you gifts-instead of chatting about useless gaming and perverted stuffs like before.

so, densha obtained his courage from the comments he gets from the forum and from there he started to take a step further into this relationship that he begins to build with this girl. densha started to became a way different man from before.

well, as for me, I like the way this novel was made. it's not at all like the plain novel with lots and lots of paragraph. but instead, the author actually (read: ACTUALLY) copied all the threads and the comments made at the forum and pasted them into papers and make it into a novel.

Cecilia ahern's novel- Where Rainbow Ends also uses the same concept, only what differs are she uses conversatioons made from YM, letters, notes, e-mail and stuffs instead of comments from a website forum.

all in all, the book was so much fun and sweet and all that I wish I can get the opportunity to be saved by a nice guy in a train also one day, lol. just imagining things. I think before a guy actually come to save me, I maybe have beaten that perverted man to death first. (`A`) ahahaha

p/s : I so need wanted to see densha face so really badly..oh oh oh.. (well, they did say this was based from the real act dont they? or it actually isnt? ) uh uh uh...

hassy chan, please say you have this anime, sobbing*

2 Responses
  1. hassy chan Says:

    aaahhhh i dont have this anime my dear!!!
    i never know about this story also...........................
    i hate myself becoz i never know this anime... dush3 (hantuk pale kat dinding)...

  2. Iman Says:

    ini sudah pelek bila anime yang aku tahu ko plak tidak tahu!!

    dush3 (tolong hantukkan pale ko kat dinding)

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