this is it..

"i'm coming home. i'm coming home. tell the world that i'm coming home. let the rain washed away all the pain of yesterday."

finally. it's the end of my time here in k1 for this sem. gonna be a on a very loongg holiday at home. what to do for 4 months? well, bina badan obviously. =P apart from that, i have a duty to learn how to cook from my mak. kalau tak tak ley kawen bai, haha (err pengaroh sape la ni). 

pejam celik, pakai bukak contact lens, tak sangka pulak da habis 2nd year. nex semester i will be a third year student. and after 2 full sem, urghh,, tesis menantiii... -.- . i dont know about you, but for me, i do feel that time really flies fast here. it moves so fast i think i had almost loses the real track of time. and as the time goes, so do my life. well, honestly, 2nd year was a year of experience. i gain a lot of new knowledge, met with awesome people, see new things, handle big and awesome programs - and going through the ups and downs of life.  

life as a 2nd year biomedical sc student was incredible. especially when you have got a bunch of wonderful people surrounded you. to be honest-- i have gone through a really depressing time trying to adapt to studies while handling programs at the same time, tell you what, i almost didnt know myself anymore at that time--but these people, they never pushed me away. instead, they approached me, trying to comfort me, giving me love, new hope, and the warmest hug a person can give. i dont think i could ever return their kindness. ever.

i'm not so confident with talking, so sometimes i really had a hard time trying to compose words to express my true feelings. even so, even if i dont say it, i'm sure they already know. right guys?

so, 3rd year awaits. what to expect after this ?  hurmm, i think i'm just going to live it. and just go with the flow. live my life happily as always, and will never do drugs, hahaa
happy holiday peeps! thanks for reading this until the very end of it. love ya! hugs and kisses, muaxx~

p/s : to corabians and all the future 3rd year biomedician--->> till we meet again after 4 months, InsyaAllah. =)
gosh! i'm gonna missssss you guys like crazyyyyyy!! urghhhh..

remember me =)

6 Responses
  1. wah...i will miss u so much lalink...huwaaa~~~ ko dh nk balik dh...take care taw u so much...mmuuaahhh

  2. thanks for being my bff....mmmuuuaahhhh....

  3. iman Says:

    thanks kembali rabot! thanks for giving me these wonderful memories! i shall treasure it till the last day of mine =)

  4. happy holidays :) take care !!

  5. mi2omar Says:

    mau belajar masak lolot?? ok next sem masakkan utk aku..t aku cari suami utk ko =p

  6. iman Says:

    aiman, thanks!!! =D

    mimot-ang nak carikkan aq laki??!!! nak nak nak nak nak nak naaakkkkkk...!!!

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