i want One HD!

it's a torture. a pain. i feel like being stabbed hard at the heart. oh my heart ache so much i feel like squeezing it with my hands. why? why the world has to be so cruel? the cynical world of the entertainment industry..sigh.

can you believe it? now we can watch top korean variety shows everyday through channel 393. astro subscribers can now enjoy lots of korean popular shows and dramas through the new channel called One HD. so what's the catch? humphh,,,, it's only offered to Beyond subscribers. yeah, life is unfair, i know. sob2..

talk about business strategy. obviously they're so good at playing it, huh, what did they expect? that more will subcribe to beyond because of One HD? well, they play it well then, because it did worked =P i MIGHT switch to Beyond, but concerning the fact that it wasnt me who pays the bills every month, i dont get to do that. translation : i failed horrendously in persuading ayah to switch to Beyond. aigoo

thats why im telling you earlier. life is unfair. it's discriminatory people! discriminatory. sob2..
but nonetheless, KBSW alone is not quite bad actually. if i had never known of the existence of this awesome, fabulous, mesmerizing One HD channel, i had lead a happy life knowing that there are exciting korean shows awaits me every day when turning to channel 391. but oh dear, honestly, it's very hard to resist the One HD, when i know they are showing strong heart,

star king,

running man,
and other korean dramas and variety shows which im too heartbroken to type.
mamma mia, i want One HD! =.=
2 Responses
  1. mi2omar Says:

    strong heart??
    weh, aku nak nengok sb pakwe aku si lee seung gi jd mc dlm tu!
    hensome kan pakwe aku?? aku nk g korea tgok dia nyanyi..jom lot!

  2. iman Says:

    jom la, tapi tula, aku mampu beli tiket sehala je, huahua

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