a sweet escape

hello there! missed me?? no?? oh well, kesah ape aku, hahaha (ni namanya intro mintak penyepak, harap mahap kepada yg terasa, hehe) its been quite a while since my last post. gosh, i have so much to blog about, to fill you in with the details of my average-not so dull anymore-life now.

well, can you believe it? mak finally let me work! me? working? mak letting me work? to those who doesnt know my mak probably wouldnt understand this, but really, getting permission from my overprotective (im not complaining okay, haha) mother to work, was like being given permission to get married before graduation! isnt that sweet? me? working? its huge man! waayyy huge! i cant tell you how happy i am to finally being able to escape from home, and earning some money, (well, the idea of getting money doesnt really intrigue me as much as getting access out of the house and meet new people, seriously!) i am superbly happy with this achievement! wee~~ and as a bonus, i got to make new friends too! isnt that awesome? instead of being a couch potato, now i get to mingle and socialize more! god, i love u mak!!! ur the best!! hahaha

oh, to those who wonders, im now working as an assistant salesperson at pasaraya save n save, situated not so far away from my home. until today, i have been working for 4 days, and still on a probation period. oh and i only worked as a part timer, why? ........err because i couldnt handle working for more than 5 hours, lalala~~ urmm,, though the pay wasnt as good as working full time,but im still happy! first because i could sleep in (work only starts at 3 and ended at 7 pm everyday), second because all my co-workers are all very kind and friendly (i felt very stupid for being such a paranoia at first thinking that all the workers and supervisors will be super mean to me, and i will get bullied and everything for being a newbie, well, now i know that were just nonsense thoughts, haha) and thirdly, because i wont get stuck at home until my holiday ends, like always! aint that sweet lads?? hahaha, oh im genuinely in love with my hometown right now, for allowing incapable people like us to work! i really dont know what would happen if companies and shops doesnt allow undergraduates students to work during their semester break, we'd probably gone crazy peeps! or died of boredom! seriously! whew....
urm,,,, but then, i just glad i have this job to distract me, well, away from sadness and loneliness, my cat just died 3 days ago... she died from an unknown sickness. she was my last cat you know. her name's miu miu. all this time miu miu was my only loyal companion every time everyone left me alone at home. she was my best friend, but now she's gone. thinking of miu miu's death reminded me of arwah atuk. atuk also passed away on May, a year before, also during my semester break. may he be put amongst those who are blessed and loved by Allah. atuk, ila rindu atuk....   miu miu, caye rindu kamu...


p/s : i used to hate my phone because it's useless, the camera isnt functioning, the earphones are impossible to find (well, maybe there are abundance of them in China, but then who goes to China for earphones??) there's no clear signal for tv, the games are ridiculous, and to add to this awful lists, the speaker had went down a few weeks ago, making it impossible for me to answer phone calls without the use of the loudspeaker. but guess what, on a bright side, recently i'd figured out how to install e books into it. so now, i can enjoy hours of  e-books readings! through my once useless phone! that is just marvellous! oh, life is awesome..

uh okay, now, if you could excuse me, im gonna spazz on gikwang's and simon d's page. they are my lovers now. buh bye and im sorry for ditching you g dragon, hahaha (how could you stay loyal to one when there's lots of cute korean guys debuting every single day?? tuan is definitely impossible!! urghh)

-till then-
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