what is poignant?

currently im having fun listening to sad and beautiful instrumental music.
and im having this kind of feeling...a calm feeling, and when i closes my eyes, i imagined myself walking on a path surrounded with green sceneries and flowers, wearing white dress. the sun shines beautifully, the butterflies flying around, the sky is clear and blue. a perfect and beautiful day. 
have you ever had this kind of feeling too?

the music i listen to right now felt so alive it brings back beautiful memories too. and out of sudden, i longed for my friends presence.
im so used to being surrounded with a lot of people that when im at home i feel so lonely. i missed the usual laughters, the chatters, the hanging out time, the gossiping, watching movies together. the fun. the everything. and thinking i have to wait for another 4 months before i could feel the love and warmth again makes me feel so sad. so poignant. so...lonely. 

its weird though, how a simple piece of music like this could make you feel differently. sometimes i wish i could create such beautiful music too. a music that could change how people feel, how people look at their lives, inspires them. but then, i dont have such talents. not to mention the instruments too. oh and the ability to play the instrument as well, lol.

god, i miss them.i miss my friends. there's so much that i think i havent shared, havent told, havent done with them. if only time could be rewind. uh. 

p/s : if you dont know what kind of feeling im talking about here, try to listen to this--> final fantasy VII OST- aerith no theme (piano version) or this --> with love-once in a blue moon =) if you have time, try to look up for them on you tube, and listen to them, they are so beautiful you feel like crying. trust me!

2 Responses
  1. suka the music..rindunya kat ko lot..rindu kat wana...rindu kat kak as..rindu kat ateero..rindu kat tuan n rindu kat suma...semua memori kita terimbas kembali....rindu sgt...ukhuwwah fillah abadan abada...(rse cam nk nangis..T_T)*smbil dgr music yg ko suh dgr*..huhu

  2. iman Says:

    rindu kamu jugeww rabott, wuwuwu
    happy mothers day,,err in advance, wawawa

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