fly to seoul

now now i should be doing assignments and reports but otoke? my heart says no. lol. anyway have you guys watched the recent release of big bang's new single tonight? man, it is fantabulous.. err im not saying this just because i am a big bang's bias, but really, the song is really coooll..though it wasnt as good as lies or haru haru or even last farewell, but still, it's a cool song. you better check it out.go now now!! =D

alright, yesterday i'd had a really marvellous time hanging out with my buddies. riding the bus for one hour++, turun naek escalator and being amused for practically no reason, ahaa, makan at seoul garden for 3 hours++ (this happens when you were paying for a buffet price, you did everything to make sure your rm33 is worth paying for) and riding bus again for another one hour++. i felt bad for atero, cuz im kinda "tricking" her to follow us yesterday, im reallyy sorry okayy...its not entirely my fault.."THEY" are the ones who made me do it =) please dont be mad..

haa haa terlioq x? haha

fruit salad die uhh..terbaekk aaah!

rab yang bnyak masak, aku yang makan,,wawawa

nampak sgt tahan napas!! hakhak

bliau ni wat ape pon muke high =P

muke x puas ati sbb kene tipu!! kuikui

menggeletaq tangan! hihi

high lagi, haha

wanot : uu sedapnye sayur ni..

wanot : tak sabo nak makan!

wanot : kite layur dulu..aa

wanot : eh???

wanot : hukhuk.....

eskrem die memang da boom weh! lazat gle..slurp


saksikan ape belaku seterusnye..

amende ande buat?? hahaha


nila hasel kedurjanaan kitorang.. XD

rab : ni aq punye!!

hambik ko!! licin!!

save the best for the last, ehem....

next stop--> merong mahawangsa =)

6 Responses
  1. hahahahhaha...best3x..kenyang yg teramat....aiskrim dia plg ku rindu....sodap....~~ thanks kwn2...heheheh

  2. iman Says:

    x sabo nak nengok anak bulan malam sok XD

  3. QasehQeen Says:

    weh,,korg mkn katne nih??
    cam best je! xajak aku pon...haha

  4. iman Says:

    kitorang g korea kin, g pinang minho utk tuan, haha XD
    mkn kat seoul garden, kat OU, nak ajak p ko sebok sangat wat hamper, taula besday dagu smalam, kihkih

  5. QasehQeen Says:

    owh...yekew..huhu,,dan2 je..
    ayat xleh bla..ble mase aku wat hamper tuk die??

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