this is why you shouldn't hate pranks. oh and pranksters :p

tanggal 30hb Oktober nan lalu adalah birthday Atero; surrogate mother kami semua :)
apalah ertinya birthday celebration kalau tak derk prank kan? haha. so tahun ni, once again misi kami telah berjaya. dan tak mustahil tahun-tahun mendatang pun tetap akan berjaya gak. well, Atero kan, what can i say? she's just pure innocent, hehe. sorry dear, we did this because we love you! no hard feeling kayh? <3

well, here goes our family picture. and the delicious cake. yummy! =) 

our birthday girl a.k.a the prankstee, hihi

seprais!! yatimm


sweet :)

sweeter :)

sweetest!!! hahaha
hurm, sape punye besday senanye neh dey?

pemilik teropong anak bulan :)

yum yum!!!

train is about to depart, please fasten your seatbelt, hihi

" A Memory Lasts Forever, Never Does It Dies...
True Friends Stay Together, And Never Say Goodbye.."
pictures are courtesy from Luahan Seorang Insan =D. have a marvelous weekend everyone!
3 Responses

  1. iman Says:

    thanks for the awesome pictures bibah!! and the memories :)

  2. welcome syg...jgn lupe follow aku kat photoblog aku k...syg kamoo!!! ..:)

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