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second update in a day! ottoke, what to do? i dont have better things to do, kekeke

right now i am in the middle of downloading a movie in which i am dying to watch since the first day it appeared on cinemas in Malaysia. but unfortunately, i dont get to see it before, and now they dont sell it anymore on the screen, so what else to do? kita download saja maa. haha. now that the government dah haramkan piratesbay, megaupload and whatnots, my kind of server untuk download pon da narrowed down. but thank god there's still monova. server lain aku tak berapa nak pecaya lah.

so, muvi apa yang aku download? if you know me, you'll know what my kind of movies are. the ones that i am completely fall into were the ones who fall onto the fantasies genre category. just name any fantasies movies that you know, you will see it securely saved in my external hard disk already*yeah i am definitely bragging now, got problem? hahaha* fantasies movies are just my kind of movie. oopps lupe lak, menjawab persoalan mula-mula ayat tadi, muvi yang aku tengah download sekarang adalah The Smurfs!!! in 3D.

i had seen the video sample, and the qualities are fairly good. well, definitely wayy better than cetak rompak CD punye version lah, i could say. but, we'll see. god, i just cant wait. the progress of the download right now is still at 62%. ohhh im dying to see it reach 100%~~ can you please pleaseee move your ass faster dude? i wanna watch it now!!

anyway, that was my kind of movies. what about my kind of songs? you could say that i am a kind of a universal listener. i can listen to any songs as long as it is easy to hear. got what i mean? the kind of songs which simply doesnt crack up your ear, and most importantly,, your mind. haha. right now i am craving for a new song. new songs are like drugs. once you've been introduced to it, you can never stop liking it. yeah =)

so, readers, what about your kind of choices? care to share your preferences with me? anyway think thats all, please pray i dont update again after an hour or so =)
7 Responses
  1. the smurfs best!!!!!!..hehehe..sowie la sbb aku x copy kat lappy aku sbb dh penuh...sob3x..kalo x, mesti ko dah dpt tgok lme kan...huhuhu...nak bw dvd tue tp adik aku punye...hihihi..sowie syg....

  2. lg 1 kn cetak rompak yg adik aku beli tue high subs dia slack..hehehehe :P

  3. iman Says:

    zaman aq dulu asal cetak rompak je mesti da set mind ingat kualiti jahanam, haha tape2 beb, t da abes donload aaa kite tegok ramai2!
    *esaimenbolemainjauh2, lol

  4. yeah!!! aku suke tgok si clumsy!!!...hehehe...

  5. TrexZira Says:

    best sgt ke cter makhluk biru2 tu DaisyBoo? hahhaa, kalau best nanti i copy movie tu dari u, okay? :D
    ~ mcm jumpa je :P

  6. iman Says:

    best lah trex!!! lau x best i x download oke, hahahaha
    ea bole2, nanty i bawak external pegi save n save
    *tempat meeting tak ley blah, hahaa

  7. syamimi omar Says:

    lot nk muvie ni buleh???
    nanak! nanak!

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