hello there..
uhh sometimes i wish i could be more independent.. rather than being too dependable on others
all this time i have been depending so much on other people in my life, name it family members, friends, ketua pengawas (?) lecturers, et cetera, et cetera
and its not fun though, it makes me feel so weak, and that really upsets me..sob2.. why cant i be like those courageous people in my life? be courageous and outgoing like mak,be patient and calm like ayah, be cool like abang wan, be independent and strong-hearted like along? well, being with these people makes me feel safe, secured, and beloved, i want to make other people feel like that when they're with me too..
but then, uhhh me is just me, changing is not as simple as learning ABC.. it needs time, needs a lot of patience, and most of all, belief.

...urm, and i dont think i have them....

p/s : jpa da masok jpa da masok jpa da masok jpa da masok jpa da masok jpa da masok jpa da masok, urgh but i dont get to buy my top listed barang  =(  ....yet. oh well maybe some other time

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  1. npe nie lot?...sedih ea?....i and ateero owez be with u....(^_^) - Rab

    jgan sedih ye lot..``-ateero

  2. once u have children, u will otomatikally be a dependable person.. so, what to worry?
    enjoy this 'depending on others' life..
    once u stuck in the 'others-depending on u' life, u gonna wish, that they stop depending on u.. the time will come.. and my advice, enjoy jeeee idup gini.. :)

  3. IMAN Says:

    rabatero: x sdey aih, saje wat gempak,haha

    tuan: sweet! thanx so much babe, yeah i noe i was being ungrateful, my bad2.. =)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. its not ungrateful but u just being concern about urself.. thats nice.. just, lets be childish wif me... weeeeee~~~

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