urm...gonna be on hiatus for approximately five days...remember the operasi khidmat masyarakat i was talking about ages ago? well, we're finally going now. urm, but i dont really wanna go actually. if not because of the feeling to take on my own responsibility, i dont think i will be going. i just dont feel like going. well, its just that its kinda awful to be left out here at college all alone when all of my buddies were at their cozy home already. i know i asked for this, but somehow, anyhow im really starting to regret this. oh why oh why did i agree to get involve in this?? haishhh

well, anyway, thats what i felt. im not going to lie about my feelings here. and my blog wont be called my blog if its not about whining and complaining and sighing and regretting my everyday life, lol

huaahh,and i know there's only a week left before the mid sem exam, but i cannot study now. my mind is still not at its right place. i need motivation. i need pressure. and the pressure will only come on the first paper's eve. only at that time will i get motivated. awful right, i know, but its on my gene already, i cant do nothing about it =P

urm, so what else is there to babble about? oh yeah, just so you know, this opkim thingy will be held at kg balai besar, dungun, terengganu. my mak says terengganu was at the midst of flood crisis now. i wonder if this place we're going gonna be flooded too or not, oh hopefully it wont be. i cant imagine of having to deal with the flood and risking my life of getting infected with leptospirosis, scabies and whatnots (i am paranoid. i know) oh lets pray everything gonna be okay. as ameer khan says in three idiots, quoting all iz well all iz well unquoting so yeah, im gonna be optimistic like him too

i guess i will end my rant here. see you in a week, oh and selamat tahun baru cina =) and take care!

aww these delicious cup cakes make my mouth watery alright, urm nak masak megi la, dada!

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