i wish i could live my life like a musical =)

good songs are like drugs. you get addicted to them. sometimes when you are in trouble, when you're miserable, when you feel alone, when you feel hopeless, and even in times when you do not know what to think or how exactly do you feel.....well, this kind of songs, it just boost you up. =)

i appreciate beautiful music. i really do. didnt matter to me if it's sang in different language. because music, well..... how should i say it, it's international. we all understand them. if there's a thing that could connects us in this world, well, trust me, it's music.
and here's one really good piece of music that i really enjoyed listening to nowadays. cheers =)

p/s : well, never been such a fan of a girl's k pop group before, but i think i will now, lol =)
2 Responses
  1. abis la lot...dh jdi peminat girl's k pop group....hehehe....

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