go away!

i think thats the perfect word to describe myself
all i could think right now is how pathetic my life is
being far from my old self
have no confidence even to live like a normal human being
but then the question is, how do we define normal?
something that most of the society have in common?
who sets the normal measurement then?
dont everybody thinks that its cruel to judge others?
what gives us that authority?
people have no rights to degrade others
they have no rights to look down
they have no rights to give orders
thinking that they hold such authorities, such power
who do you think you are?
we are nothing difference with each other
what differentiate us is how we appear to be in front of the GOD.
so you are nothing to me
nor do you mean anything to the others
dont hate me, dont hate life
hate you. hate yourself

and please..
for this once..

back off.

....hawa nafsu. oh and hasad dengki  =)

the pic's here cuz it's adorable, really,no significant purpose at all =P

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