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err err aa apekah? haha kenapa aku rase aku update blog ni hari-hari skang?
ntah, tetibe cam banyak plak mende nak tulis, but that's a good thing right? people wont recognize your blog if you dont update them frequently. not that i am saying there's a lot of people who are interested in reading this crap i wrote, but this is for my loyal readers out there, err alias my neighbour (well, you know who you are) i just wanted to give them  fresh stuffs to read.

so..tadaaaa! yeah i have changed my blog layout! cool isnt it? i know right =P  i spent about an hour and a half last night ( or this morning, since it was already 2.30 am at that time) searching for this layout and uploading the widgets at the sidebar there. well, right now i just LOVE my blog! now i see why the bloggers out there are so into decorating their blog- its a tremendously fun thing to do i tell ya!! what can be more satisfying than admiring your beautiful blog after  tons of hardwork rite? so there, you see - this is the charm of blogging. lol
anyway here's some board messages to budak2 co_rab :

to mimi  - i have decrease the image size now, so stop complaining already
to rab    - you dont have phone credits?? well thats the signal for you to start selling one, because i tend to not    have phone credits frequently too!!
to tuan  - stop reminding me about that disgusting stick scene!!!! *censored*censored*censored*
tu atero - why bother following this blog?? you NEVER read it, purff
tu ros    - please oh please upgrade your brain's speed. we couldnt bare to have TWO "kapals" in this group
to kak as- same goes to you..
to syiqa - eat something! anything! so that the wind wont blew you off!
to syu    - i know you dont even know about the existence of this blog, so i think its okay to insult or make fun of you in the future, thats okay right? =P
to wanot  - be my follower!!! and for god's sake give comments too you lazy bum!!

a RM 25 pen for super senior

you really love stick/pole dont you?

cam nak baya utang pon hade..

sain attendance

"helo mak, mak nak menantu yg camne? sini ade ramai neh," kuikui

sume tahan napas..

maap syu..ngeh ngeh

disponsor oleh super senior

kak as nga jampi jgn bg ujan..

cam keta ko plak,huh

6 Responses
  1. nice..I'M LOVIN IT..hehehehe.....
    lot, JPA blom masuk lgi la....hehehehe....tu yg pokai tu...hehehe.

  2. sticky stick stick to me.... ewwwwww..

  3. iman Says:

    belom lagi ke rab?? adeshh aq da tahap kemarau da neh, huhu

    tuan-> bengong! ahahahahahhh

  4. blom lg kot lot...huhuhu...arap2 la esok dh msuk JPA....hehehe...aku dh kering kontang nie...skrg tggl harapan tabung aku je la...hehehe

  5. mi2omar Says:

    tq sbb da reduce saiz pic2 tu..nasib baik pic2 tu x telan aku..haha

  6. iman Says:

    hahaha, shadap la mimi!!!

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