dang me

sometimes (or today, specifically)  i just want to slap myself hard at the face.
urghh stupid and shallow me!
open up your heart more you moron!
shame on you. shame on you. shame on you.
just stop making other people miserable!!
to whom it may concerns, i am sorry...
i am so really embarrassed with my actions......  T_T
please dont hate me.......
2 Responses
  1. npe nie dear???... do u hve problem??...i never hate u till forever because i love u so much.....cyg lilot....hehehe....smile owez dear because when u smile it make me so happy...hehehe

  2. iman Says:

    tnx rab, luv u too, maapkn diri ini kerna bersikap tidak matang, hakhak XD

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