ape kejadah tah..

the moment has finally come!! yeah lads, this is the moment when i feel like blogging but there ain't anything to blog about. alright, i know im pathetic, but who cares? my blog dey, sukahati aku la nk wat ape pon ( sila jgn tersinggung, saye x menujukan stetmen ni pada anda, sebaliknye ini hanyelah monolog dalaman semata-mata) kekeke...

ok2, so today i started my first class for this 2nd semester, epidemiology, entomology and pathology analysis (kut, never paid much attention to subject names, especially the  new ones) and overall they were quite okay, hell yeah! of course they do, because they're ALL introduction! lalalalala~

anyway, the weather's quite bad nowadays, its monsoon season now, so basically it will rain everyday, thus i need to remind myself to collect all my clothes before leaving my room for the faculty, or cafe ( as there are anywhere else to go, humphh) however, although the weathers's not right, but indeed, i feel awesome because there's a fantastic trip awaits me! oh i love sea, i love beach, i love sea, under the sea, dududu dududu duduud~

i do realize this post is getting ridiculous, but what to do? what to do? i aint got anything to do..lalala~

urm guess thats the signal for me to stop, anyhow, here's some random pics from my beloved kodak, adioss!

sirih junjung untuk hantaran my brother's engagement, i helped my mak making this tau, sumpa x tipoo..

some of the hantarans..there were 11 of them..

a cake..(obviously)

poor fish..ended up in our rakus tummy..

urm..my soon-to-be sis in law, my mak, abg, akak n sedare..

who knows this is a kodak, setaraf dslr maa..(bangge diri)

padi ni..cam lalang la plak..

2 Responses
  1. mi2omar Says:

    apekah ni lod?? pic2 beso giler..takot nk tatap, rasa cm kena telan..=p

  2. iman Says:

    ahahahah, bukan aq sgaje, setting ye la, lau aq set small, nati die terexpand...sob3..

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