haru haru ( day by day...)

phew..i just got out alive from a serious fever and flu (ok, exaggerating kuase lapan there) after came back from khidmat komuniti ledang in johor last week..

oh the trip was fun, really, plus i got like a very supporting-not to mention rich-family angkat, so memang seronok la..

its been quite a while since i last talking rubbish here, well i have been extremely busy nowadays..tapi yang pelik, busy camne pon aq bule je carik mase untuk tido, adeiii serius cakap, skang ni habit aq untuk menghibernate kan diri makin menjadik jadik

tido 8 jam pon rase tak cukup je skang, oh cmon la dalila, final is almost here! and you have like what-3 programs to handle?? how could you been sleeping in critical times like this? there's really something wrong with my neurons, tsk tsk

now im on way in finishing all the lab reports and assignments..definitely not a very easy thing to do..da la aq terskip lab bact aritu, da x tau result...menyesal sungguh noo

oh really- i miss my along right now, lame gile rasenye da x jumpe, walopon smalam baru cakap kat phone, tapi arini da rindu lagik, haha thank god she never knew i had a blog, kalau die bace ni jatuh standard and imej kendiri aq yang macho neh, hukhuk

oh bestnya lagu big bang!! hehe selama ni aq x pernah nak dengar betol2, skang ni baru pasan lagu dorg sume best nak mati! oh im in complete love with G-Dragon!!!! he's too cool to be true i tell ya XD

ok la, nak carik bahan untuk english presentation ngan bio mol...hope i can survive throughout this sem

adios amigos~
2 Responses

  1. iman Says:

    oyeah!! cmon rab, fighting! XD

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