the beauty of eid ul fitr ^^ alhamdulillah

assalammualaikum, and praises to Allah and to only Him =)

for the record, today is the 8th day of syawal, and thankfully, im still at home, yeay

there's not much differences in syawal this year compared to the past years, but still, as always, it has been meaningful, not only to me, but also to my family. and i have come to realized, its not the celebration which is important, but the meaning of the eid ul fitr itself, the actual beauty of it, as the day of the victory for muslims, and the day where we finally get the chances to get to meet with our friends and relatives and ask for each other's forgiveness.

so, urm, my family and i celebrated raya this time at our home, at batu pahat. last year we went back to my ayah's kampung at perak, but this year my parents decided for us to stay here because they didnt get to meet with their friends and relatives here at johor last year, so its like nak tebus balik ketakdapatjumpaan last year (oh i sucks at making sentences, i know) so thus this year we're not going anywhere ( anywhere means balik kampung, not pergi beraya, what am i bluffingggggg??? )

oh dear, my brother's getting married (oh not like tomorrow or next month, but in near future certainly, sob2) and not that i dont like the idea of him getting married (though i sometimes believe i do) its just that, it makes me sad, it feels like im losing him, i dont know how to explain it, but every time i think about this, it makes me feel empty, yeah, maybe its just a phase, and i'll get over it soon, but still, it kinda hurt me though...
my along said she also feels the same way, but i think that maybe because he's going to settle down BEFORE her, the eldest between us three, lol, oh for the records people call it langkah bendul..

dang, before i started typing all these, i think i have gazillions of things in mind, and now i have like nothing to talk about here, oh well, thats one of my exceptional skill-the ability to forget everything in just a split of second, tsk tsk

urm, oh and to be honest, nowadays i'd tried to make my blog here more beneficial, as in more factual to those who read it, but it seems that that is never really gonna happen, because im better at bluffing and talking nonsense, hohoho
and i also figure that its not fun, as in at all,  to make this blog miserable and full of sad, dark and twisted posts et cetera, so i have decided to stop letting out my miserable and annoying self in here..oh and to stop becoming one also in real life..because being miserable is sucks =) and i certainly do not want my life to be sucks, i mean, who ever wants that?

oh and yeah, once again, the post is not related at all with the title, you see, it all happens because of my goldfish memory.. i thought i have plenty of things to say about this eid ul fitr, but turns out then, well, AS ALWAYS, i forgot them much for having a big brain, looks like i have to let my neurons work harder after this, or my brain will rot and die... (yeah, bluffing equals to me, thank u very much)

oh i finally remembers something, you see, at my place, my neighbourhood, there is this one tradition we called marhaban, where people would visit each others houses, as in a group, and then they would perform selawat together, ( oh, and im explaining things here like people doesnt know what marhaban is, pathetic me..note for myself : im explaining this for my foreign readers, oh i know there's always one, this is internet for crying out loud, this blog could appear to anyone anywhere whenever they typed anything that are related to any of my post's titles on their search engine.......
 ok like people care, moving on..)

so here it is, my masterpiece!!! oh yeah, we gave these to children who came along with their parents during the marhaban, nice isnt it? well, see the leg lah, siapa yang buat? hoho

roka + gula2 susu (?) + 50 sen (u see, my mak is a cheapskate when it comes to giving duit raya =P)
alright, guess that wraps everything up, and oh boy..~sigh~..there's like tons of works awaits me after raya's holiday, wish me luck people, and maybe i would fill you in with the details if i could come out of it alive ( guess im exaggerating things again)..anyhow, please do have a wonderful raya and life! =) (who am i talking to? hahaha bajet ade org bace blog aku T_T) okay then, assalammualaikum

pens keyboards off
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  1. kompang dipaluuuuuu...... pengantin baruuuu...

    ala, abg ko nk kawen ke? kuciwa aku... baru nk ngorat.. huhuhu

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