dear dalila..

whining and complaining..
are they my only specialties? when lecturers cancelled classes, i whined
when lecturers voices are not clear, i complained.. a lot.. like it was their fault..what would you feel if ppl telling you that your voice sucks? you would completely explode wont you?
so stop whining, stop complaining dalila
bio mol's date exam changed. give me a break, its not the end of the world
wake up.
you have got a month to study, why waste it?
its nobody's fault, not even the TNC, nor the dekan's, its yours

fail it or nail it
its your choice
stop pretending like you didnt care
because you DO CARE! you do care about your grade, because you're doing this for mak, for ayah, for along, for abg wan
pay them back!! you have to pay them back!!
so wake up now!
3 Responses
  1. Bersyukur lah apa yg diberi dan hargailah...wlupn ia pahit, namum disebalik kepahitan ada manisnya.. semua nie pasti ada hikmah-Nya... Allah tahu apa yg terbaik utk kita... (^_^)

    Go Lilot..Go Lilot...!!!!

    (tgh tension sbb ter'replace' doc td...patut la rasa smthg je nk replace, ghupe2nye slh replace...wuawuawua...nasib ade lilot taw..)... Love u lot....mmuaaahhh...

  2. ignore others n just do our best... may Allah blesses us...

  3. iman Says:

    dan barangkali kite mnyukai sesuatu padahal ia buruk bagi kite, dan barangkali kite mmbenci sesuatupadahal ia baek bg kite
    rab n tuan, betol tu, setiap yg belaku ade hikmahnye, moge kite terus tabah, ameen =)

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