tell me goodbye...

is it me? or them? or the surrounding?

what's happening nowadays?...

what had happened to us? where's the happiness we used to carry along with us before?

we used to be carefree..

we used to be fun..

we used to fool around so much back then..but what happens now?

is it me? is it really because of me? am i changing? have i changed? or did we changed somehow?

is it because of our age? because of our schedules? because we're growing up? is that so? because if it really because of it, i rather not growing up. i rather stay at the same level. i rather not going anywhere. if that can bring the old fun back..

what's with the conflicts?? what's with getting mad at each other for a completely stupid and small reason? its not worth it. not at all

is it so much to ask for an understanding? is it that hard??? being understanding WONT KILL YOU for crying out loud!!!

i may not said anything, i may prefer to be silent all the way..but the heart here also has its own feeling, the heart here also could hurt, the heart here also is protesting..

for everything we did, for everything we've gone through..
were they nothing to them? were they THAT meaningless??
to throw away this bond for stupid reason..for nothing...are they worth it? does that make them feel happy?
stop being so stupid..please...i beg thy

if this is better..if this feels right to them..well, i guess there's nothing much that i can do..

just tell me goodbye, lets say farewell to each other..
lets just seriously get over this and move on

for some reason, i think we're through..
we're finally through..
this is my bottom line

big bang-haru haru
3 Responses
  1. ok... this is not good...

  2. iman Says:

    uhh.. tgah down mase taip ni, haha korg bedue je tau ape yg aq rase, tnx 4 being here 4 me guys, u hav no idea how much it means to me =)
    rab, sorry 4 what dear, ko xnah salah pape pon, love u ^^,

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