good riddance

last wednesday night as i went online something unacceptable had happened. and what's more annoying was that i'm not even sure myself how did that happened. so here goes : my Facebook wall had miraculously been changed to timeline. i'm quite sure i didnt even had click on any button that will lead to my wall being transformed into this,this, this very unacceptable thing! of that i'm very sure. what happened was that, as i recall- as i was trying to get acces into some games application that night, and after that when i looked back to my wall : it was gone. GONE! being replaced (without my consent) to a timeline. and at the top of the page it says that i will be given time to review this new feature until it automatically goes live on February the 15th. so i was like, heyy what the fish!!

surprise, surprise..

so then after that i quickly googled and yahooed and did everything i could with my confined and limited IT skills to find a way to get my old facebook's profile back. but sadly, all the methods they provided only works if i changed my timeline using this certain application provided by the facebook's developer at the first place.. and i can strongly remember that i had never, ever used, or even intend to use this certain application that will convert the old profile to the new timeline before. and as i goes through all the comments on several blog posts- i finally realized that this new facebook timeline will be applied to all the 800 millions of facebook users worldwide soon. whether you like it or not. pfft.

i hate the new design. it's very cluttered and messy and with this slow connections i often get at this house, it takes years to load everything! and i truly despise Mark Zuckerberg and the company for not giving the users options to enable/disable it. man, this is seriously NOT DEMOCRATIC at all!!! i know facebook is free and whatnots, but still, didnt they realized that this thing they are forcing us to have is not cool?? i mean, i LOVE the old facebook profile, it was simple, was easy to navigate and most importantly,,, NOT COMPLICATED!! and this new thing, this new timeline they called-doesnt totally pertained to my liking! i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it so much!!

and until i hear the news they are converting the profile back to the old one, i'm deactivating my account now. this is ME protesting against facebook! against the developers for not being democratic towards their users! and i could say that facebook timeline is definitely the bane of my existence. urghh, i'm turning to twitter and google plus. period.
2 Responses
  1. hassy chan Says:

    mark punye keje.. sabr k..

  2. iman Says:

    T_T boo facebook~

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