21 at last =)

when a girl was a 9 years at age, she wonders when will she reach 12? she felt so eager to become a senior at her elementary and get some raise on her allowance. she's done with being just a spoil kid, and wanted to be more like a teen.

at 12 years age, that girl was a senior. but deep in her heart, she didnt feel like one. she didnt feel any changes..for her, her world then when she was 9 years old, and now, had no difference at all. she's still the same spoil brat she was. the dependent one, the chicken one. and at this rate, she cannot wait to reach 13, enters a new school, and become more matured.

it was her thirteenth birthday. she no longer lives at her home, well, technically, because she had been accepted into a full boarding school situated 30km's away from her home. before going, she was so confident that this was her time. her time to finally be free. her time to shine. her time to show the world what she have got, and what she could offers. but boy, never had she realized that being far away from her family was tough. she felt alone, she was scared, and at this time, she was starting to regret her decision. she wanted her mom, she wanted her family, and at this rate she had given just about everything to turn back time and be a kid again.

she was 15 now. she felt different. she no longer longing for home and her family as much as before. she has adapted. and she was sincerely happy with her life. she had wonderful friends, she tops her class at almost every exams and tests, and she felt confident about life. she felt like she could give something more. she wanted to become more important. she wanted to become more matured. more like an adult. so that she will have controls over other people, so that people will look at her with dignity..she wanted the name. she wanted the fame..she wanted to be known by the world.

at 17, people would expect her to become someone, someone important. but boy, never did they realized before that that girl had nothing to offer. she's weak, she's coward, she's not courageous. she cannot be a leader. at this point, that girl also realizes that. she felt stupid for having so much confident in herself, thinking that she will become a person she's always wanted to be. at this age, she realizes everything. she realizes that she never changed,, that she, was still the same 9 year-old spoil brat who's afraid to let down her ego. for that, she cant wait to grow older, so that she can understands life more.

she was 18 now. life has given her so much of its lecture. she understands now. she understands how the things go. how life should be lived. how the world doesnt revolves around her and only her each and every of time. she's letting her guards down now. she's beginning to trust others. she knew that, at this rate, no one will ever survived by themselves. one will need other. she prayed to God she will get older soon, and find someone to fill in the empty spaces in her heart.



that girl is 21 now.

I AM 21 now. =)

and at this age, i feel so contented about everything.

i have the most wonderful family...

lots of caring and loving friends...

a very enjoyable hobby (reading story books,, through my useless phone, hoho)

a stable career (until i resigned this coming september, lol)

and....ALLAH. =)

yes, i have ALLAH.
that means i have everything.
what else could i possibly want more?? =) 

p/s : thanks so much for all the wishes guys!!! really,, i love u all!!

5 Responses
  1. WaNi^^ Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. myhatiku Says:

    lilot 21 dlu nmpaknye..so,bile nk kawen?aha:D

  3. hahaha.. ko da tua beb.. ak je maintain muda lg hohohoh...

  4. iman Says:

    myhatiku : kawen? esok pon bule, tp ang carikkan dlu laki lar, huhu

    sm90 : aahh ko mude la sgt! rambut da ade uban, kihkih

  5. mi2omar Says:

    org muda nk ucapkn selamat ari warga tua kpd org tua! =p

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