saya nak beast!!


*english translation**

it’s a lie, it’s a lie
we can’t end it like this
come back again, please come back
i can’t believe that you’re leaving me

i should try saying something to you
though there’s no use in it
this isn’t it, this isn’t it
i won’t believe in this truth

this is all a lie
it’s not the truth
i won’t believe any more of this
i asked many times not to leave me
this is a lie

you’re no longer beside me
this is the truth
i don’t want to believe it
though i ask you numerous times to come back again,
all of this has to be a lie

this is a lie, this is a lie
this is a lie, this is a lie
this isn’t the truth, this isn’t the truth
this isn’t the truth, this isn’t the truth

it’s a fact
my brain knows it’s true, but my heart won’t accept it
i can’t believe it
unknowingly, everything i knew now seems like an obsession
this situation that suddenly fell over my head,
i can no longer control it
i can’t empty you but i’ll try to erase you
i’ll rewrite the story of you and i

2 Responses
  1. oit.. da mnt beast lak hahahaha

  2. iman Says:

    wee~~~ seme sebab gikwang!! gikwang yg cool, gikwang yg kawaiii <3
    beb, denga la denga la lagu neh, seyes best tak ingat!! =D

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