being the odd among the oddest

i guess there's no point in having a blog anymore. i practically have NOTHING to write about nowadays. life has been depressing a few days back, but i think i can manage it. just need to settle down few things, then maybe after that i can recover fully. fingers crossed X)

now, lets talk about something brighter =)
how about opkim? yeah thats a good one to start with. well, opkim is the acronym of Operasi Khidmat Masyarakat ( lame, lame..) a kind of field trip which is held every year in different places so that we ( the students) can provide services to the people living in that area where this program is held. im in charge of the P&P secretariat ( P&P stands for pameran dan perkhidmatan) so basically, i need to take charge of the clinical booth ( which is the main service we provided)
and other stuffs too; the blood donation campaign, association with team from NGOs, and lots other significant stuffs.

so, considering the fact that this is my first time involving in a huge program like this, plus quite a tough and challenging post i held, so i really really hope that everything will turn out well in the end, well, the very least, it could turn out to be not so bad. so, fingers crossed again X)

and..oh great, i just remembered i need to finish the bacteriology lab report, sheesh..

lol, i spend some time playing around with some wrapping paper yesterday, and ended up decorating ( well, messing up actually, tsk tsk) some part of my room. good thing i got one spacious room, so it din looked so serabut sgt after this playing-around-with-wrapping paper thingy was done. in fact, dun u think it looked kinda cute?? huh?? ( im suck with creativity, definitely aint no good at all with these kinda stuffs, sheesh..)

aww..i love weekend, its so lovely to wake up late and finally have some quality time for yourself, no worries, no pressures, no chores ( i've finished washing all my clothes yesterday, yay!) but a lab report to

i wish i could turn back the time, and correct the mistakes i'd made...this is not a dream, because it can never become a reality, well as much as i wish that i could wish upon the star, all i can get the very least is the sky ( ?????????????? what is this crap???)

ok, ok, really, its the time for lab report now. im off. =)
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  1. lot...yg penting bilik ko dh mantap la beb....hehehehe

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